Glimps of Oslo pt. one.

Today I went on a phototrip with Ellen like I told I would in my last post. We met downtown at noone. Then we took the bus to a part of Oslo called Sagene on the east side. It’s a part of Oslo we haven’t explored that much, so we thought it would be a good idea to go there.

The first thing we see as we’re about to get off the buss, is a house with a wall covered with  rims. Very odd, but also very cool. I would’ve loved to ask the guy behind the wall (I assume it’s a guy’s work) about his facination about rims.

The sun was shining and it was a great day for a photowalk. The air was warm and

Salt ‘n peppa. And toothpicks.

Daffodils. After all, easter is just around the corner.

A bench in the sun, under a pretty sign that comes from a fuel business. I like how this looks like a diptych without being one.

Mister and Ms. Retro. Cute sign. We didn’t into that store. Looking at the sign, I wish we had. But we did visit some great store; one called Detaljer (details) which had lots of pretty things like candle holders, napkins, vases, pretty tin boxes etc and a store called. Ruth66.

A peek inside Ruth66; a store with all sorts of things from the 50’s and 60’s. Very retro and kitchy. It was awesome! Just the name of the store is awesome. So funny to call a store Ruth66 (reminds of the famous routh 66)! Who doesn’t want to have a hamburger telephone like you see in this photo? Or that napkin holder taken straight out of a 50’s diner? We are def. going back to that store with our wallet full of money!

Lots of yummy bread sold out in the street. They also had freshly baked cinnamon buns. Sadly we had just bought icecream and didn’t have time/room for any cinnamon buns.

We saw some fake flowers in a store front. The vase is white and pretty.

But we  caught something alive too; green branches against lovely red wall.

Me inside a toilet at Ringen Kino (cinema). It was only me and Ellen there, so it was safe to take a self portrait.

Beautiful (even if it’s a bit dirty) round and yellow sign saying ‘no parking’.

An entryway.

Painting of a man. Outside the rock pub/bar Qadis at Grünerløkka.

The last photo taken while Ellen and I were together. We had been walking for more than 2 and a half hour. My feet hurt. So did my lower back. Ellen went home and I stayed downtown. Even though I was tired, I didn’t wanna go home yet. I felt I hadn’t taken enough photos. And the sun was still shining and the weather was still great, so it felt wrong to take the bus home quite yet.

So I started to walk around, trying to find new gems to photograph. I ended up walking for at least one and a half hour more and took some more photos. Those I would have to wait to post or this blog  post will be too long.

Stay tuned for the rest of the photos.

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