First spring photowalk

I’ve had my first ‘spring photo walk’ today. It wasn’t a long one, but it was oh so great! It’s been a while since I’ve picked up the camera and it felt so good walking around taking photos of this and that. As usual, the people that just can’t understand what you are photographing and start to stare, popped up. Good lord, sometimes I wonder if they’ve ever seen a digital camera before?! Ok, it might look at bit odd that I’m standing photographing a brick wall  up close, but what’s up with that intense staring? Sometimes I feel like yelling at them ‘what the heck are you staring at, mind your own business moron!’ But, of course, I never do.

Anyway, apart from the staring people, it was a nice walk. I ended up with quite some photos. And here are some:

I love snow. But it’s nice to see the green grass, the sun and the relatively warm weather  too. This heartshaped snow caught my attention.

Lovely window with plants inside.

Stones. Light and shadow.

Sticker for a Norwegian band I’ve never heard about.

Not just another brick on the wall. That dark brown brick stood out and it screamed ‘photograph me!’. So I just had to…

Another wall that also wanted to be photographed. You can’t say no to such a great wall. All the yummy bokeh I can create. Ahhh!

Manhole lid with the number 40 on it. I wonder what 40 stands for. Lots of details and sunlight! And a nice  pattern. I got a few versions of this.

The remains of last year bask in this years sun. Lovely sunlight!

Old berries.

All the bokeh you could possible need. And a branch pointing straight at you. Maybe not the most sophisitcated or interesting photo, but I love all the bokeh and the light!

And a photo of myself at the end. A typical one, where a mirror is involved. I kind of like those, if you already haven’t noticed.

I have already planned a bigger phototrip. Well, I can’t take credit for it. It was my friend Ellen who asked me today if we could do another walk. It will happen on the 16th I think. Hopefully I will be able to take a few mini-trips before that.

Stay tuned. But don’t hold your breath!

Square moments on a saturday

Oslo is hosting the Nordic World Ski Championship for 2011. Yesterday I was downtown Oslo to take part of the celebration and the Medal Ceremony that was held in the evening. I took a few photos while I was there; some random shots of things I saw; both related and not related to the Ski Championship.

Here are some moments captured in a square format.

It’s time for Aftenposten. It’s quarter past 3.

The Norwegian flag strapped to a trolley of some sort. And a sweater and a cap from Helly Hansen trapped inside ice. It’s taken outside a Helly Hansen store.

The best chocolate there is, comes from Freia  (Kraft Food). Norwegian chocolate at its finest.

A woman dancing  to music with a multicolored hoop. Taken on the main street, Karl Johans gate.

A pretty, glowing lamp post outside the Parliment building.

The Norwegian flag again. Taken at the Medal Ceremony where we were cheering on Therese Johaug who won the gold medal on 30 km cross country skiing and Marit Bjørgen who won the siver medal. We were also cheering on the male ski jump team who won silver medal in jumping large hill.

Not square at all, but it deserves space in this post. My good friend Linda in her awesome knitted sweater and cap borrowed from her boyfriend.

Quite random photos to present, but I like them all. And I hope you do to, whoever reads this.

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