Everyday life: neighbourhood walking

I had to go to get some groceries today. When it’s sunday, most stores are closed. But Bunnpris is open seven days a week, so I went there. It takes me a few minutes to get there. I decided to bring my camera.  The weather wasn’t the best (cloudy, no sun what so ever), but I wouldn’t let that stop me.

On the backside of the building where I live.

Taken through a window.

Snowy road. There is, sadly, not enough money to get rid of the snow. I guess we have to wait until it melts away…

It’s car standing there; not only covered by the blue sheet, but a lot of snow too.

Do you fancy a pita filled with kebab? Only 39 NOK.

Snowy stairs.

Today’s news, waiting to be read. The situation in Libya is on the front.

Somone is selling their apartment.

Bike seat covered in snow. It’s close to impossible to ride a bike these days. Still, I see some people pushing the bike through the snow. When I see such people my thoughts swings between impressed and amazed.

Tree brances. A maze.

Snowy ground filled with stones to prevent us from falling.

Local kiosk / grocerystore. They have the essencial stuff, but are very expensive. They are open on sunday’s and that’s good. Also nice to have if you’re missing that one thing and don’t wanna go all the way to the regular grocerystore. Sinsen Dagligvare has saved me more than once.

Tire tracks in the snow. All white and yummy.

Not snow, but paper. Makes a nice pattern.

Royal mail. The old logo for the Norwegian Postal service. It’s pretty. The cracks in the horn, makes this interesting.

Next saturday Ellen and I, we’re going on a photo trip. So I will have a new blog post up next weekend devoted to our explorations. In the meantime, I might devote a blog post to my scrapping. Wait and see!




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