Saturday mix: fruit, jewlery & wireless remote

Sunday morning. Woke up, took a shower, did some cleaning and then had breakfast (home made bread with liver paste, cucumber and cold milk) with todays newspaper and music. The sky outside where blue and the sun was shining.

I had a few photo ideas. I wanted to take pictures of my ‘jewlery tree’ and my new rings. And I also wanted to try out my new wireless remote. Last weekend I went online and bought a Canon RC-6 wireless remote. Karin tweeted me that it was her best photography friend. I begin to think it might be one of my best friends too. It so small and handy.

The wireless remote. Comes in a cute and handy bag.

So got out my gear (camera, tripod and remote) and started shooting both my jewlery and the tree. Then I moved on to one of the oranges I had in the kitchen. Using the remote is so much fun. It’s easy and less work than using the timer; run forth and back, click wait until the timer goes off.

Maria updated her blog today. Her blog is so lovely and she inspired me to update mine. I haven’t had anything to blog about lately, but now I have some photos to share. And here they are:

One of my fave necklaces. From this Charming girl.

Three new rings. They came as a set. I’m a sucker for rings and I thought these were lovely. They are very ‘me’ as Chantie said when I showed her them earlier today.

My jewlery tree. Lots of rings. And my fave necklaces. The camera I bought myself, the red heart is from my sister (bought some place in Argentina or in Berlin I think), the green one is from mum and the postcard/phone necklace is from Chantie.

Yummy fruit. Lovely orange. It matches my clothes today.

Stacked up side by side. Ready to be eaten.

I would like to blog on a more regularly basis. I’ve said that for a long time, but it never happens. Maybe this time it will work?

These yellow/orange photos makes me want to make some ester postcards, like I did last year. Since I’m not going to be in the country this easter either. As last year I’m going to see Chantie. I got a great deal on some flight tickes; 930 NOK forth and back! That’s even better than last time. I couldn’t not go. I will stay from wednesday to tuesday, so it will be almost a week.

So I’m planning to send out some Easter postcards to the friends I won’t be able to meet up during Easter. Before they get sent, Ill post some here for you to see. I have a few new Easter rubber stamps I’m eager to use and yesterday I bought some checkered paper which will fit perfectly.

Stay tuned!

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