Oslo by day pt 2.

This is part two of my phototrip from yesterday. Now I’ve gone a little closer and the bokeh is present.

Outside the restaurant New Orelans. Last year I took a photo of their door for my door project.

Empty coffee cup; was filled with espresso. And a Napolion’s cake. This was Ellen’s treat.

Croissant and some danish pastry. Photo taken outside the cafe we visited. A woman inside the cafe, in front of the counter, looked strangely at me. I guess she was wondering why I was photographing the pastry. It annoyes me when people start staring.

A restaurant. Nobody sat outside; it was too cold. It’s still just the beginning of February. Inside it was more crowded.

A pile with chairs stacked up against the wall.

Old Kodak sign. Very pretty.

Pepper mix and black pepper. This goes into my food project. My letter to shoot was P and this was a perfect subject. I honestly didn’t think I would find something that would fit my food project. I didn’t even concider it.

Outside a flowershop own buy a famous Norwegian guy (Finn Schjøll). I love pussy willows.

From a tourist shop. A Viking-ship.

A newspaper reader. This is taken outside the building where the tabloid VG has their office. You can read todays newspaper in the background. Akersgata used to be the ‘newspaper-street’, but it’s not anymore since two newspapers have moved.

Advertisement. You could see the Swing Shift Side Show at Blitz on friday.

I’m planning a new phototrip soon. It was so much fun and I would love the explore new parts of Oslo. Yesterday we visited St. Hans Haugen and Bislett. I would love to go to Sagene eller Torshov. I’m pretty sure we can find great things to capture there too.


One response to Oslo by day pt 2.

  1. Lovely photos! Inspiring! Love your diptychs especially. Makes me want to get out there more too and take pictures and blog them. Perhaps I’ll take a drive somewhere soon :)

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