Everyday life: neighbourhood walking

I had to go to get some groceries today. When it’s sunday, most stores are closed. But Bunnpris is open seven days a week, so I went there. It takes me a few minutes to get there. I decided to bring my camera.  The weather wasn’t the best (cloudy, no sun what so ever), but I wouldn’t let that stop me.

On the backside of the building where I live.

Taken through a window.

Snowy road. There is, sadly, not enough money to get rid of the snow. I guess we have to wait until it melts away…

It’s car standing there; not only covered by the blue sheet, but a lot of snow too.

Do you fancy a pita filled with kebab? Only 39 NOK.

Snowy stairs.

Today’s news, waiting to be read. The situation in Libya is on the front.

Somone is selling their apartment.

Bike seat covered in snow. It’s close to impossible to ride a bike these days. Still, I see some people pushing the bike through the snow. When I see such people my thoughts swings between impressed and amazed.

Tree brances. A maze.

Snowy ground filled with stones to prevent us from falling.

Local kiosk / grocerystore. They have the essencial stuff, but are very expensive. They are open on sunday’s and that’s good. Also nice to have if you’re missing that one thing and don’t wanna go all the way to the regular grocerystore. Sinsen Dagligvare has saved me more than once.

Tire tracks in the snow. All white and yummy.

Not snow, but paper. Makes a nice pattern.

Royal mail. The old logo for the Norwegian Postal service. It’s pretty. The cracks in the horn, makes this interesting.

Next saturday Ellen and I, we’re going on a photo trip. So I will have a new blog post up next weekend devoted to our explorations. In the meantime, I might devote a blog post to my scrapping. Wait and see!




Saturday mix: fruit, jewlery & wireless remote

Sunday morning. Woke up, took a shower, did some cleaning and then had breakfast (home made bread with liver paste, cucumber and cold milk) with todays newspaper and music. The sky outside where blue and the sun was shining.

I had a few photo ideas. I wanted to take pictures of my ‘jewlery tree’ and my new rings. And I also wanted to try out my new wireless remote. Last weekend I went online and bought a Canon RC-6 wireless remote. Karin tweeted me that it was her best photography friend. I begin to think it might be one of my best friends too. It so small and handy.

The wireless remote. Comes in a cute and handy bag.

So got out my gear (camera, tripod and remote) and started shooting both my jewlery and the tree. Then I moved on to one of the oranges I had in the kitchen. Using the remote is so much fun. It’s easy and less work than using the timer; run forth and back, click wait until the timer goes off.

Maria updated her blog today. Her blog is so lovely and she inspired me to update mine. I haven’t had anything to blog about lately, but now I have some photos to share. And here they are:

One of my fave necklaces. From this Charming girl.

Three new rings. They came as a set. I’m a sucker for rings and I thought these were lovely. They are very ‘me’ as Chantie said when I showed her them earlier today.

My jewlery tree. Lots of rings. And my fave necklaces. The camera I bought myself, the red heart is from my sister (bought some place in Argentina or in Berlin I think), the green one is from mum and the postcard/phone necklace is from Chantie.

Yummy fruit. Lovely orange. It matches my clothes today.

Stacked up side by side. Ready to be eaten.

I would like to blog on a more regularly basis. I’ve said that for a long time, but it never happens. Maybe this time it will work?

These yellow/orange photos makes me want to make some ester postcards, like I did last year. Since I’m not going to be in the country this easter either. As last year I’m going to see Chantie. I got a great deal on some flight tickes; 930 NOK forth and back! That’s even better than last time. I couldn’t not go. I will stay from wednesday to tuesday, so it will be almost a week.

So I’m planning to send out some Easter postcards to the friends I won’t be able to meet up during Easter. Before they get sent, Ill post some here for you to see. I have a few new Easter rubber stamps I’m eager to use and yesterday I bought some checkered paper which will fit perfectly.

Stay tuned!

Oslo by day pt 2.

This is part two of my phototrip from yesterday. Now I’ve gone a little closer and the bokeh is present.

Outside the restaurant New Orelans. Last year I took a photo of their door for my door project.

Empty coffee cup; was filled with espresso. And a Napolion’s cake. This was Ellen’s treat.

Croissant and some danish pastry. Photo taken outside the cafe we visited. A woman inside the cafe, in front of the counter, looked strangely at me. I guess she was wondering why I was photographing the pastry. It annoyes me when people start staring.

A restaurant. Nobody sat outside; it was too cold. It’s still just the beginning of February. Inside it was more crowded.

A pile with chairs stacked up against the wall.

Old Kodak sign. Very pretty.

Pepper mix and black pepper. This goes into my food project. My letter to shoot was P and this was a perfect subject. I honestly didn’t think I would find something that would fit my food project. I didn’t even concider it.

Outside a flowershop own buy a famous Norwegian guy (Finn Schjøll). I love pussy willows.

From a tourist shop. A Viking-ship.

A newspaper reader. This is taken outside the building where the tabloid VG has their office. You can read todays newspaper in the background. Akersgata used to be the ‘newspaper-street’, but it’s not anymore since two newspapers have moved.

Advertisement. You could see the Swing Shift Side Show at Blitz on friday.

I’m planning a new phototrip soon. It was so much fun and I would love the explore new parts of Oslo. Yesterday we visited St. Hans Haugen and Bislett. I would love to go to Sagene eller Torshov. I’m pretty sure we can find great things to capture there too.


Oslo by day pt. 1

Urban jungle. That’s what we named the photo after I took it.

I went on a photowalk with my friend Ellen today. I brought all my gear; my 10-20 mm wide angle, the 18-125 mm and my 50 mm. I ended up just using my 50 mm. It’s a great lens and I had lots of fun using it today.

We walked around for more than three hours and I took about 150 photos. We walked around and decided where to go as we walked. Did we see something interesting down a street, we walked there.

I have a lot of photos, so I have to divide them into two blog posts. Here is the first one.

If you look up, and not always look just straight forward, you’ll see pretty things.

Well, this isn’t such a pretty building, but interesting. Love how the lights are shining on it.

Pretty building.

Quarter past 11; that’s when I started shooting today. This is a church spire.

Some famous guy I don’t remember the name of. It might be Olav Trygvasson, a former King.

Fun fact: Ellen always calls this T.G.I. And I always say Friday’s. I love how the color of tha awning matches the colors of the wall. It’s like Friday’s were ment to be there!

Pink! The wall was acutally more red, but turned out pink after I shot it. You can see the actual color in the top photo. But even if the color isn’t authentic, I like the photo.


In the winter Olympics in Oslo in 1952 the skating was held at this stadium. It’s re-built since then.

Entrance three / Lille Bislett – a tiny street leading up to the stadium.

The rest of the photos you’ll get in my next blog post. Stay tuned for more photos!


No more posts.