Postcard from the Opera House

When I came to the bus terminal, after visitng my friend Bjørg in Elverum this weekend, I decided to go to the Opera House to and take some pictures with my new wide angle lens. I been at the Opera House before, during the summer, but I thought it would be fun to see the opera during winter and the lovely light that was outside.

It takes a little time to get used to the wide angle lens. It’s not everywhere it fits to use it, since it’s so wide! I see that it’s perfect for landscape photos, but I would say it’s good for shooting grand buildings too.

Here are a new take on the Opera House:

On my way to the top. Walking on the roof.

On the roof. Beautiful skies.

‘The white box’. Still on the roof.

In between.


Lots of glass. You can see me to the left.

Wooden woman. Me waving to the camera.

The entrence.

Inside. It’s beautiful. Look at all the light coming in. And all the wood!

Three floors. All wood. Very pretty!

More pretty wood. And lines in all angles.

Cool wall.

I have more new photos taken with the wide angle lens. Those are not from the Opera House, but from my two-hours bustrip back from Elverum today. Yes, I took a lot of photos from the bus. I will post them soon, maybe tomorrow. Stay tuned!



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