A little piece of Christmas

I bought this little fella yesterday. I think it has eaten a little bit too much cheese lately. It’s the first sunday of Advent today. Normally I wait until the 1st of december to start decorating for Christmas. But it’s sunday today and I felt like doing it already. My apartment is not big, so it’s not much space to decorate. And I try not to decorate too much. Too many santa’s, angles and such isn’t good. It gets crowded and messy. And each thing looses its value I think.

This is a little piece of my livingroom. I don’t have a Christmas tree, so in stead I have this red Christmas-tree look-a-like light thingy in stead. It’s very pretty. I also love the berries. Last year I contemplated to keep them out all year long, but I decided I should make them ‘only-for-Christmas’. The little santa is a decoration I got fom my mum. It’s old and we used to have it in my parents  house. Mum decided not to use it anymore so I took it. It has very nice memories attached!

I bought two of the bowls pictured here. They were found at Indiska, one of my fave decorating store. They have so much beautiful stuff there. A lot with oriental design.  I really got enough bowls at it is, but I couldn’t resist them. I thought to myself ‘this will be my Christmas bowls and I will only use them around Christmas’. Oh, the things you tell yourself to justify a buying. The gingerbread in this one is not home made, but bought at the grocerystore. I think the one I buy is so better than the one I make at home. For once the bought stuff is better than home made!

Talking about gingerbread. Next saturday I’m going to a Christmas workshop my friend is having. We had one last year and is repeating the success this year. Last year I made some Christmas cookies for mum. This year I’m going to make gingerbread hearts that I will hang up in the kitchen window. I’m looking forward to that. They will look like these.

While digging out all my Christmas ornaments and stuff, I found some candle light decoration. I remember I bought them early this year. So I dug out some white candle lights. I had some leftovers from my sisters wedding a few years go. Using the decoration is very easy. You place the decal in lukewarm water to loosen the motif from the paper. Then you place the decal on the candle. After a little while the motif will dry onto the candle. You can buy the candle decoration at a craftstore. I bought mine at Panduro. When it’s all done and dried up it looks like this.

The left one says Merry Christmas.

To top of this sunday I’ve had a friend over for rice porridge and Christmas movies. We saw the Polar Express & Home Alone 1; two of my favourit Christmas movies! We ate clementines, chocolate and lots of gingerbread while watching the movies. Lovely evening.

Now I’m off to pack the Christmas cards I’m sending to Cisca. I’m going to send them tomorrow.


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