The Promise: Darkness on the Edge of Town

On monday I bought myself a pre-Christmas gift for myself; the new Springsteen box-set loaded with goodies. It costed a lot of money, but it’s so worth it. I have been waiting for this for a long time now! Someone suggested I should put it on my wishlist for Christmas. I was like ‘haha, do you actually think I can wait until Christmas getting it?’ It would be impossible!

You get a lot with this box-set. The Darkness on the Egde of Town digitally remastered, the Promise: 2 discs with outtakes from the Darkness (with lyrics), one DVD: Springsteen plays the entire Darkness at Paramoumt Theatre in Asbury Park 2009 &  Thrill Hill Vault 76-79 (Live songs), one DVD: the Promise, the making of Darkness, one DVD: concert from Houston ’78. All of this you get in a notebook filled with Springsteen’s writings and photos. It’s a copy of the actual notebook he used to write in during the making of Darkness. All of this you can see on the photo above. In the right corner you can also spot some clippings. Yes, I still save clippings of Springsteen. I know it’s dorky and nerdy, but I just can’t stop…

Darkness is one of the albums I like the most out of all albums Springsteen has made. If someone had asked me if it was the best I wouldn’t be able to say either yes or no. It’s hard to judge; one week I’m in love with Darkness, another week I’m in love with Tunell of Love. All I can say is that I’m very, very fond of it and it contains some of my favourit Springsteen songs. It contains Badlands and Racing in the Street – two awesome and beautiful songs!

On monday, me and my friend Ellen went to Rockefeller (concert hall). They screen music movies now and then. Yesterday you could see The Promise: the making of Darkness of the Edge of Town. Since I’m subscribing on their newsletter, I got a free entrence. It was crowded, the little concert hall was full. Seems like lots of people were interessted in this movie, even though you could buy it at the record store the same day.

It was a cool movie. You got an insight on how Springsteen works. There was a lot of cool clips from the studio and a young Springsteen. Something great, but a little sad too, was to see Danny talk. At the beginning, they had a little segment where they interviewed all the members of the E Street Band. That included Phantom Dan. It’s sad to think about the fact that he’s not around anymore.

I enjoyed every 88 minutes of the movie. I’m pretty sure the rest of the audience did too; some clapped after the movie.

I found  a font that looks like Springsteen’s handwriting yesterday. It was via a link from a twitter-guy I follow. It’s very accuarate and looks a lot like his handwriting. I downloaded it. It’s used on the top picture. I wanted to use it somewhere, but couldn’t really find a good spot. I was like ‘YAY. A Springsteen handwriting font. Super cool!!! But…. uhm… where to use it?’  First I thought of changing my header again, but I decided not to. I ended up using it on the top picture here. I might find a better use for it later.

Well… now I got a box-set to indulge in. See you later!

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