Photoshoot with Samson

When you think of the word photoshoot, you think about photographing people. At least I do. But when you don’t have any modelling for you, you get creative. I used my cat, Samson! It wasn’t really any hard work on his part; he was just  laying there relaxing trying not to get too annoyed.

This is the result of the shoot with my lovely cat Samson, who has grown quite big since last time I saw him. And has gotten an even softer fur than he had beforfe. I didn’t know that was possible acutally.

Look at those eyes! And you can actually see me in there =)

I love cat paws. They are so utterly cute!

Some more paws. Samson is here sitting in the bidet.

Resting in the bidet. I love his nose.

All ears. Still resting in the bidet. Now his head turned away. A bit annoyed, perhaps?

Another angle. The bidet is very comfy. It fits him perfectly.

Samson on the floor; resting and looking cute!

3 responses to Photoshoot with Samson

  1. chantieeeeee

    awwwww! Samson is a very professional model, at least it looks that way. omg he´s sooooo cute. i know what you say about the paws, they ARE impossibly cute. i often kiss and cuddle my cats´ feet even though they look at me like i´m an idiot, lol…

  2. Awww my bella looks exactly like him except that she hates having her picture taken, i need like a VERY well lit room and a shutter speed of 1200 !!!

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