Fathers Day

We celebrate Fathers Day tomorrow. I’ve always made dad a card and given him a little present. The card is easy; I made it this morning. But a gift is always a bit more tricky. Dad is the person (like lots of other dads I guess) who doesn’t want anything and doesn’t really need anything. Whenever ask him for things he wants for his birthday or Christmas he said he doesn’t need any present. So I always have to come up with something myself or I ask my mum or sister for ideas.

Fathers Day comes two weeks after his birthday, so that makes it even worse to find something; because you’ve just bought him something.

I’ve never bought him very big present on Fathers Day. It’s not the size or the price of the gift that counts. It’s the thought behind the gift. Today a great idea popped up while I was on my way to the post office to send my birthday gift to Chantie. Why not buy him something he could eat or drink? First I thought of some smoked salmon or a fancy paté. But then I thought, hey why not buy him some fancy beer? A brilliant idea.

Normally dad drinks Ringnes (standard Norwegian beer). I know he loves Grolsch, Dutch beer. If I’m in the Netherlands, I always bring him a few bottles. Not because they don’t have it here, but because it’s way cheaper! I almost got a little shock today when I saw the  price of the bottle. Imported beer is so friggen expensive! I ended up with two Grolsch. My plan was to buy him a lotterly ticket as well (just for fun), but I forgot. I’ll buy that later today.

Happy Fathers Day dad! You’re the best!

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