A little piece of Christmas

I bought this little fella yesterday. I think it has eaten a little bit too much cheese lately. It’s the first sunday of Advent today. Normally I wait until the 1st of december to start decorating for Christmas. But it’s sunday today and I felt like doing it already. My apartment is not big, so it’s not much space to decorate. And I try not to decorate too much. Too many santa’s, angles and such isn’t good. It gets crowded and messy. And each thing looses its value I think.

This is a little piece of my livingroom. I don’t have a Christmas tree, so in stead I have this red Christmas-tree look-a-like light thingy in stead. It’s very pretty. I also love the berries. Last year I contemplated to keep them out all year long, but I decided I should make them ‘only-for-Christmas’. The little santa is a decoration I got fom my mum. It’s old and we used to have it in my parents  house. Mum decided not to use it anymore so I took it. It has very nice memories attached!

I bought two of the bowls pictured here. They were found at Indiska, one of my fave decorating store. They have so much beautiful stuff there. A lot with oriental design.  I really got enough bowls at it is, but I couldn’t resist them. I thought to myself ‘this will be my Christmas bowls and I will only use them around Christmas’. Oh, the things you tell yourself to justify a buying. The gingerbread in this one is not home made, but bought at the grocerystore. I think the one I buy is so better than the one I make at home. For once the bought stuff is better than home made!

Talking about gingerbread. Next saturday I’m going to a Christmas workshop my friend is having. We had one last year and is repeating the success this year. Last year I made some Christmas cookies for mum. This year I’m going to make gingerbread hearts that I will hang up in the kitchen window. I’m looking forward to that. They will look like these.

While digging out all my Christmas ornaments and stuff, I found some candle light decoration. I remember I bought them early this year. So I dug out some white candle lights. I had some leftovers from my sisters wedding a few years go. Using the decoration is very easy. You place the decal in lukewarm water to loosen the motif from the paper. Then you place the decal on the candle. After a little while the motif will dry onto the candle. You can buy the candle decoration at a craftstore. I bought mine at Panduro. When it’s all done and dried up it looks like this.

The left one says Merry Christmas.

To top of this sunday I’ve had a friend over for rice porridge and Christmas movies. We saw the Polar Express & Home Alone 1; two of my favourit Christmas movies! We ate clementines, chocolate and lots of gingerbread while watching the movies. Lovely evening.

Now I’m off to pack the Christmas cards I’m sending to Cisca. I’m going to send them tomorrow.


Christmas cards for Cisca

I have a Dutch friend name Cisca. Last year I made some Christmas cards for her. She requested ten. This year I asked her if she wanted ten this year too. She did. Here are the cards I made for her.

Cisca is friends with Chantie. That’s how I came in touch with her. Chantie has bought me most of the pattern paper used in these cards. I find that a bit funny. I only have one ‘merry christmas’ rubber stamp. Here in Norway you don’t find many rubber stamps with english words. So you have to look in online craftstores in other countries or buy something on ebay. I didn’t do that this year. In stead I found some paper various Christmas messages where written in English.

I’ve kept the cards very simple like I always do. I’m not good at making card stuffed with thing. I really like them simple too, so it doesn’t really matter.

So far I’ve made like 45 cards or something. Not many left now. I have to sit down and figure out which one to send a card. After that I’ll know how many I got left.

The Promise: Darkness on the Edge of Town

On monday I bought myself a pre-Christmas gift for myself; the new Springsteen box-set loaded with goodies. It costed a lot of money, but it’s so worth it. I have been waiting for this for a long time now! Someone suggested I should put it on my wishlist for Christmas. I was like ‘haha, do you actually think I can wait until Christmas getting it?’ It would be impossible!

You get a lot with this box-set. The Darkness on the Egde of Town digitally remastered, the Promise: 2 discs with outtakes from the Darkness (with lyrics), one DVD: Springsteen plays the entire Darkness at Paramoumt Theatre in Asbury Park 2009 &  Thrill Hill Vault 76-79 (Live songs), one DVD: the Promise, the making of Darkness, one DVD: concert from Houston ’78. All of this you get in a notebook filled with Springsteen’s writings and photos. It’s a copy of the actual notebook he used to write in during the making of Darkness. All of this you can see on the photo above. In the right corner you can also spot some clippings. Yes, I still save clippings of Springsteen. I know it’s dorky and nerdy, but I just can’t stop…

Darkness is one of the albums I like the most out of all albums Springsteen has made. If someone had asked me if it was the best I wouldn’t be able to say either yes or no. It’s hard to judge; one week I’m in love with Darkness, another week I’m in love with Tunell of Love. All I can say is that I’m very, very fond of it and it contains some of my favourit Springsteen songs. It contains Badlands and Racing in the Street – two awesome and beautiful songs!

On monday, me and my friend Ellen went to Rockefeller (concert hall). They screen music movies now and then. Yesterday you could see The Promise: the making of Darkness of the Edge of Town. Since I’m subscribing on their newsletter, I got a free entrence. It was crowded, the little concert hall was full. Seems like lots of people were interessted in this movie, even though you could buy it at the record store the same day.

It was a cool movie. You got an insight on how Springsteen works. There was a lot of cool clips from the studio and a young Springsteen. Something great, but a little sad too, was to see Danny talk. At the beginning, they had a little segment where they interviewed all the members of the E Street Band. That included Phantom Dan. It’s sad to think about the fact that he’s not around anymore.

I enjoyed every 88 minutes of the movie. I’m pretty sure the rest of the audience did too; some clapped after the movie.

I found  a font that looks like Springsteen’s handwriting yesterday. It was via a link from a twitter-guy I follow. It’s very accuarate and looks a lot like his handwriting. I downloaded it. It’s used on the top picture. I wanted to use it somewhere, but couldn’t really find a good spot. I was like ‘YAY. A Springsteen handwriting font. Super cool!!! But…. uhm… where to use it?’  First I thought of changing my header again, but I decided not to. I ended up using it on the top picture here. I might find a better use for it later.

Well… now I got a box-set to indulge in. See you later!

Photoshoot with Samson

When you think of the word photoshoot, you think about photographing people. At least I do. But when you don’t have any modelling for you, you get creative. I used my cat, Samson! It wasn’t really any hard work on his part; he was just  laying there relaxing trying not to get too annoyed.

This is the result of the shoot with my lovely cat Samson, who has grown quite big since last time I saw him. And has gotten an even softer fur than he had beforfe. I didn’t know that was possible acutally.

Look at those eyes! And you can actually see me in there =)

I love cat paws. They are so utterly cute!

Some more paws. Samson is here sitting in the bidet.

Resting in the bidet. I love his nose.

All ears. Still resting in the bidet. Now his head turned away. A bit annoyed, perhaps?

Another angle. The bidet is very comfy. It fits him perfectly.

Samson on the floor; resting and looking cute!

Fathers Day

We celebrate Fathers Day tomorrow. I’ve always made dad a card and given him a little present. The card is easy; I made it this morning. But a gift is always a bit more tricky. Dad is the person (like lots of other dads I guess) who doesn’t want anything and doesn’t really need anything. Whenever ask him for things he wants for his birthday or Christmas he said he doesn’t need any present. So I always have to come up with something myself or I ask my mum or sister for ideas.

Fathers Day comes two weeks after his birthday, so that makes it even worse to find something; because you’ve just bought him something.

I’ve never bought him very big present on Fathers Day. It’s not the size or the price of the gift that counts. It’s the thought behind the gift. Today a great idea popped up while I was on my way to the post office to send my birthday gift to Chantie. Why not buy him something he could eat or drink? First I thought of some smoked salmon or a fancy paté. But then I thought, hey why not buy him some fancy beer? A brilliant idea.

Normally dad drinks Ringnes (standard Norwegian beer). I know he loves Grolsch, Dutch beer. If I’m in the Netherlands, I always bring him a few bottles. Not because they don’t have it here, but because it’s way cheaper! I almost got a little shock today when I saw the  price of the bottle. Imported beer is so friggen expensive! I ended up with two Grolsch. My plan was to buy him a lotterly ticket as well (just for fun), but I forgot. I’ll buy that later today.

Happy Fathers Day dad! You’re the best!

Vintage Christmas cards

When I went to Bikuben (scrapping store) last time I found some sheets with pretty vintage pictures. I instantly fell in love and had to buy a few. I thought I could try to make some cards with a vintage look. So that’s what I’ve tried here. It hasn’t been easy and I’m not % satisfied with everyone. But most of them are fine and ok to send out / give away.

I’m going to try to make a few  more, since I still need more cards. Hopefully I’ll have time and inspiration later this week.

The candy cane is very American. The ‘god jul’ rubber stamp is awesome! I’m so, so, happy I found it!

Isn’t the cat cute? Adorable. The pine cone is very Chritmassy and I found them at Panduro. I bought the pine cone rubber stamp with the gift certificate my sister game me.  The cat-picture is supposed to be a polaroid photo.

Another polaroid-card. Finally I got to use the mistletoe accesories.

Yet another card with tilted picture. The white dots in the background makes me think of showflakes.

This is not a vintage card, but I photographed it, so it’s here. The background is pretty! I love the foam-letters with one sticky side. So easy to use and it makes for such a great result. I want more of those, in various colors and sizes.

So what do you think of my cards? Anyone  special you like?

Buddy Holly musical

Last thursday I went to see a musical about Buddy Holly. My friend Linda asked a while ago if I wanted to go and even though I didn’t know much about it, I said yes. I know Buddy Holly and some of his songs and I know Heine Totland (who plays Holly) as a good artist. So Linda, her boyfriend, her brother and I went to Folketeateret to the Buddy Holly musical.

I had no expectations to the show, since I hadn’t read much about it. I’d only seen a commercial of it on TV. After the show, which has played since the end of September, I read some reviews of it. They have been so-so. It woudn’t have mattered if I’d read the reviews before I decided to go or not. I would’ve gone anyway. I’m pretty open-minded, so the reviews wouldn’t have affected me. It’s only one persons opinion.

The show (show fits better than musical in my opinion) was great! I loved it from the very beginning! It was like we were put in a time machine and taken back to the middle of the 50’s. It was like we where there. We got to see his life –  from the start of his musical career to he died in a aircrash about three years later. The stage were build in a great way. The walls, the acceories and everything was built in a great way. It was exactly how I would pictured the 50’s to be. His music got, of course, a big part of the show. We got to hear many of his hits like Peggy Sue, Everyday, Oh Boy, Heartbeat and That Will Be the Day. Buddy Holly put rock ‘n roll on the map and the songs mentioned proves he did a great job.

The show was divided into two parts, with a 20 minute break in between. The second part was when everything exploded. It was like a little Buddy Holly concert. We also got to see ‘Ritchie Valens’ sing La Bamba; that was so cool! His moves were incredible. At the end of the show everyone in the audience were standing up clapping and some were even dancing. The show ended with a bang!

Have seen the show, I don’t  understand why the reviewer doesn’t give this show great reviews. I think it was awesome! If someone gave me a free ticket, I would go again! Inthe aftermath of the concert, I’ve created a Buddy Holly playlist on Spotify. It’s happy music! And it gets me in a good mood to listen to it.

Woven Christmas hearts

Yesterday I visited my friend Linda; we where going to have a litte Christmas Workshop. Linda had some Christmas things to make. She also started on some pillowcases.

My plan was to make some Christmas ornaments; some old ones people rarly make anymore. It is woven Christmas hearts in paper. I need to keep the tradition up in the family. It was mad dad who started to make them whe he was young. He learned me how to do it and now I’m in charge of of the tradition.

On saturday I searched online for patterns to use for my woven paper hearts. I found a few. I drew them in my little notebook and brought that to Linda. Linda has a book about Christmas and there were some patterns there too. So I had some options on how to make them.

My goal was to make the ones with advanced woven pattern so that they could be prettier than the ones dad once made. He has always said that his has been better than mine, which has been true to some lenght. He has made some really pretty ones.

It was not a easy task I had started on. There was a lot of swearing during the five and a half hour I worked. It was quite funny to listen to us. I say us, because I was not the only one swearing! Linda had some real trouble with her sowing machine. So much trouble it ended up being comical.

But after I had finished my eight woven paper hearts I was mighty satisfied. Not with everyone of them, but there were a few I was really proud of. The result you can see here:

Hearts in the pattern.


More stars.

Some of these, in harmony with the ones dad onced made, will be placed on our Christmas tree the upcoming holiday season.

To get new ideas on pappern to use, I’ve found a book about these paper baskets. That book will go on my wish list for Christmas. There are no limits (it seems) to what pattern you can use. And I want to learn them all!

Today, after I came home from the workshop of course, I also disovered this Danish site about woven Christmas hearts. (Don’t mind the crappy design!) It can get you some ideas on what to do. They even have an introduction on how to make them. I know I will try on at least one or two of these patterns over the next days!

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