I love fall

Today was a beautiful fall day. After a slow start, I decided to go out and take some pictures. These beautiful colors could not be missed. I needed to photograph them. Only my neighbourhood got explored, but that was enough. There is enough trees, grass, bushes and beautiful colors in the street I live and nearby streets. So here are photos from my neighbourhood – fall style.

This leaf reminds me of pancakes!

Yellow madness behind the fence.

The area behind the building I live in; some covered in leaf.

Yellow leafs.

Fallen from a tree. Gorgeous colors.

Explotion of colors!

Covered ground!

Pretty leaf. The sun is shining through it.

Leafs on the ground.

Yummy sunlight.

A leaf wih with some edge.

Yellow leaf.

Shadow of me in the leaf.

And I end with a blue sky. Lovely blue sky!


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