Christmascards: five more is done

October has started and so far I have managed to make 31 cards so far. So I have 19 cards left; 10 that have to be finished at the beginning of December and 9 that needs to be finished a week or two earlier. They are being shipped to the Netherlands. My friend Cisca wanted 10 cards this year as well. I made her 10 cards last year. I’ve so far made her one card. I think I’m going to start on the rest of her cards soon.

Until they are done, I can show you what I’ve made since last time I uploaded some Christmas cards. Here are the five latest cards.

The candy cane is oh so cute!

Pretty snowflakes paper!

Cute mice sitting on a candy cane.

Cute trees and pretty golden/green stripy paper!

I really like this vintage looking card. The angel is pretty. I think I already know who’s getting this card!

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