Woken up again

I haven’t taken care of my blog lately. It  has been neglected for too long. It’s not that I haven’t thought about it, because I have. Honestly. I’ve thought about blogging, not only once or twice, but many times over the past weeks.

It’s not that I haven’t had things to blog about. I could’ve blogged about the birthday cards I made for dads birthday. I made three (one for mum, one for my sister & one for myself). I could also  have blogged about all the Christmas cards I’ve made. Or the gift certificate I got (and spent) at a craft store. Or about how my food project is going. I could also have blogged about the Amy Macdonald concert I went to with my cool friend Chantie while she was in Oslo. Or the spectacular Lady Gaga concert I went to a few weeks ago.

As you see, there has been lots of things to ‘write home’ about. But every time I’ve thought about blogging I’ve said to myself ‘tomorrow I’m gonna sit down and blog’. Every time I’ve failed.

November is soon here. It’s a new month. I can take that as a new beginning. I can start being good at blogging starting from the 1st of November. I can tell myself I have to blog once a week. I should make it a habbit to sit down sunday evening and blog.

It might sound a bit stupid, but some times I dream I had a kick-ass blog which was read by lots of people who I would interact with. I some times wish I was like Julie in Julie & Julia (if you’ve seen that movie). But if I ever should attempt at getting big, I sure need to update more often. Who follows a blog if you only post every third week?

Keeping a popular blog, doesn’t only require frequent updates, it also needs interesting posting. You need to focus on a few things and not write about everything that comes to mind. I think a themed based blog is nice. I try to be that. I don’t want to get too personal with my blog, it’s not like before, when I had a personal diary online. This is different and I like to keep it that way.

It’s not that I’m gonna try get big. I just want to post regularly. I love writing too much to not write often. And I like seeing the result of a written post.

Before my rant goes out of its proportion, I better stop.

Tomorrow I’m meeting up with a friend. She’s going to make something christmasy. I’m going to make some Christmas ornaments. Tonight I’ve searched online for different pattern I can use on the ornaments. The result of tomorrow is worth blogging about. If my ornaments doesn’t turn into a disaster that is.

I’ll keep you posted. Honestly! I will! Like a ex-colleague said once: ‘Don’t try do it, just do it!’.

I love fall

Today was a beautiful fall day. After a slow start, I decided to go out and take some pictures. These beautiful colors could not be missed. I needed to photograph them. Only my neighbourhood got explored, but that was enough. There is enough trees, grass, bushes and beautiful colors in the street I live and nearby streets. So here are photos from my neighbourhood – fall style.

This leaf reminds me of pancakes!

Yellow madness behind the fence.

The area behind the building I live in; some covered in leaf.

Yellow leafs.

Fallen from a tree. Gorgeous colors.

Explotion of colors!

Covered ground!

Pretty leaf. The sun is shining through it.

Leafs on the ground.

Yummy sunlight.

A leaf wih with some edge.

Yellow leaf.

Shadow of me in the leaf.

And I end with a blue sky. Lovely blue sky!


Christmascards: five more is done

October has started and so far I have managed to make 31 cards so far. So I have 19 cards left; 10 that have to be finished at the beginning of December and 9 that needs to be finished a week or two earlier. They are being shipped to the Netherlands. My friend Cisca wanted 10 cards this year as well. I made her 10 cards last year. I’ve so far made her one card. I think I’m going to start on the rest of her cards soon.

Until they are done, I can show you what I’ve made since last time I uploaded some Christmas cards. Here are the five latest cards.

The candy cane is oh so cute!

Pretty snowflakes paper!

Cute mice sitting on a candy cane.

Cute trees and pretty golden/green stripy paper!

I really like this vintage looking card. The angel is pretty. I think I already know who’s getting this card!

No more posts.