Food project: E – eggs

The food project is going well. Today the letter E was on the menu. I went for the obvious thing; eggs. Eggs are versaile, you can prepare it in many ways. Like; porched, boiled (soft, medium, hard), scrambled, fried in a omelete…. The choises are many.  Today, for breakfast, I went for a medium boiled egg. And I placed it in my fancy designer egg cup from Alessi. The egg cup comes with a cap and you can put salt in the cap. Very pratical.

Here is another angle of the egg cup. You don’t see that much of the egg cup, but I liked the composition. Since I’m so utterly indecicive, I had a hard time deciding what photo to use for my project. It went so far I used a aid: I called a friend. She suggested I take them both and make a diptych. Not a bad idea. So here’s the photo.

I like sunday mornings when you can sit by the dining table; eat breakfast with eggs and a cold glass of milk, listen to new discovered music (Brandi Carlile) and read the newspaper. And when you look out, you’ll see the sun shining from a blue sky.

I made a little mistake with my letter D. I thought why not go for the word drink, and I did. When posting the photo, it hit me; drink, that’s not really food, is it? Ahem… no. I could of course re-do the letter, but I couldn’t be bothered. And there is a saying that goes like this: there is lots of food in a good drink ;)

Here the other day I cleaned my fridge. It was past due. A conversation with a friend made me do it. Since I’m doing this food project I thought I could take a ‘what’s-in-my-fridge-photo’. So I did.

Top-left: butter, bowle with icing, water, macerel in tomato sauce.
Second-left: different kind of cheese, ham, plastic box with half a slice of salami, two boxes with liver paste and cucumber on top behind the plastic box, creamy cheese; one with bacon and one with ham.
Third-left: cucumber, salted ham, apple cider, milk.
Fourth-left: box with eggs, bag with chocolate, empty box with apples on top.
Bottom-left: cauliflower, potatoes.

Top-right: eggs.
Second-right: wasabi-paste, chocolate, paper bag with one mushroom.
Third-bottom: vitamines, none alcohoilc beer, ketchup.
Bottom-left: sparkling water, milk, coca cola.

Next letter is F. Look out for som fruit, fish, figs or maybe fettuccine….

Ps. You can follow my food project here.

2 responses to Food project: E – eggs

  1. Really fun! Love the egg guy, and the gorgeous colors in each of those photos.

    I’d never be able to shoot my fridge. It’s always bursting full, and 1/2 of the stuff needs to be tossed. Which sounds a lot like my purse too actually. Haha

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