Airport in black & white

I love going to airports. There is so much happening there. People are walking around  all time; some are going home, some on a business trip, some one vacation… There are a few times when going to the airport isn’t all fun. And that is when you are saying goodbuy to someone special. Like me on sunday.

Chantie went back home, from her visit, on sunday. I followed her to airport. It’s not fun saying goodbuy when you know it’s gonna be a long time until we see each other again. I get a little emotional right when we hug and I see her get in line for the security check. I managed to not cry ;)

I took a few photos of us outside the airport when we came.

On my way back to the airport bus, I decided to take a few more photos of the airport before I went home. It’s been a while since I’ve taken photos. It’s just been a few food shots. It was fun to play with my camera again!

Outside the airport.

I walked down the stairs, turned around 180 degrees and got this view.

Another view.

Trollies, waiting to be used.

Stairs leading to where the airport busses goes from.

Two trash cans with the view of part of the airport building at the background.

Peeking in.


Control tower. It’s a beautiful view from up there.

Chantie and I making cards

Chantie visited me last week; she came on wednesday night and left on sunday. Whenever we meet each other, we have gifts for each other. One of the gifts she gave me was a set with pattern paper, christmas style. It was beautiful! I couldn’t wait to try it out. And that happened sooner than I could’ve hoped for.

Chantie told me she wanted to have a look at all my scrapping things and try make a card. I was happy. More than happy actually to show her my scrapping world. So we took out all my stuff; placed some on my dining table and some on the floor. It was funny to see her reaction as everything got placed in my livingroom. She was quite surprised by all the things I had; something I can understand. I have a lot of things. Of course not as much as some people, but if you’re a newbie, you’ll find what I have a lot.

First we went through all my things. She asked questions about how things worked and I answered her. Then she wanted to make a few cards for herself. First she started with two Christmas cards; one for her mum and one for her dad (if my memory isn’t playing with me).

She also made a card her friend Dennis, who took care of her cats while she was here.

This is a really cute card. I love the colors and the cute cats. For being the first time she’s been doing this, she did great! She also made a card which she gave me.

It says: Friends, today, tomorrow, always. Such a cute one! It’s goin up on my fridge.

I managed to try out the pattern paper Chantie gave me. I didn’t use any other pattern paper than the set she gave me. It had several beautiful patterns! And they came in size 15 x 15 cm; the prefect size!

Pretty show pattern. Fell in love with that one!

The snowflakes pattern is beautiful. I love the hint of silver.

One of my new rubber stamps.

The candy canes are über-cute! I just love them!

Some more snowy paper <3 And some new rubber stamps.

I had a blast making cards with Chantie. I had never thought she would enjoy it. As I told her, I thought she would be too impatient and get bored after 15 minutes. But she didn’t. Woot, woot! She really loved it!

Im looking forward to use the rest of the pattern papers I got. It will be so much fun making cards now!

F = fish

I had my friend Chantal on a 4 day visit from Holland. On friday we decided to eat fish. I had at one occasions or two, mentioned to her that it is nice to eat fish baked in foil (in t he oven). So she suggested that we should do that. I agreed; it sounded like a great idea.

To make this dish you need the following ingredients:

  • a fish filet
  • butter
  • leek
  • mushroom
  • salt & lemon pepper

You place some butter (a table-spoon) on a piece of foil. Then you place the fish on top. Put salt and lemon pepper on the fish. Cut leek and mushroom and sprinkle on top of the fish. You decide the amount you want. Wrap the foil over the fish and close it.

Put the fish in the oven at 200 degrees celsius and leave it for 10-15 minutes.

You can eat the fish with some home-made mashed potatoes and boiled carrots, like we did. Make sure you put some wasabi-paste in the mashed potatoes. It adds yummyness to the potatoes!

Chantie & I, we were such a good team in the kitchen, and the dinner became a success. I’m definitely going to make this dish again!

Next letter in the food project is G. Watch out for some grapes, garlic or goat cheese!

Food project: E – eggs

The food project is going well. Today the letter E was on the menu. I went for the obvious thing; eggs. Eggs are versaile, you can prepare it in many ways. Like; porched, boiled (soft, medium, hard), scrambled, fried in a omelete…. The choises are many.  Today, for breakfast, I went for a medium boiled egg. And I placed it in my fancy designer egg cup from Alessi. The egg cup comes with a cap and you can put salt in the cap. Very pratical.

Here is another angle of the egg cup. You don’t see that much of the egg cup, but I liked the composition. Since I’m so utterly indecicive, I had a hard time deciding what photo to use for my project. It went so far I used a aid: I called a friend. She suggested I take them both and make a diptych. Not a bad idea. So here’s the photo.

I like sunday mornings when you can sit by the dining table; eat breakfast with eggs and a cold glass of milk, listen to new discovered music (Brandi Carlile) and read the newspaper. And when you look out, you’ll see the sun shining from a blue sky.

I made a little mistake with my letter D. I thought why not go for the word drink, and I did. When posting the photo, it hit me; drink, that’s not really food, is it? Ahem… no. I could of course re-do the letter, but I couldn’t be bothered. And there is a saying that goes like this: there is lots of food in a good drink ;)

Here the other day I cleaned my fridge. It was past due. A conversation with a friend made me do it. Since I’m doing this food project I thought I could take a ‘what’s-in-my-fridge-photo’. So I did.

Top-left: butter, bowle with icing, water, macerel in tomato sauce.
Second-left: different kind of cheese, ham, plastic box with half a slice of salami, two boxes with liver paste and cucumber on top behind the plastic box, creamy cheese; one with bacon and one with ham.
Third-left: cucumber, salted ham, apple cider, milk.
Fourth-left: box with eggs, bag with chocolate, empty box with apples on top.
Bottom-left: cauliflower, potatoes.

Top-right: eggs.
Second-right: wasabi-paste, chocolate, paper bag with one mushroom.
Third-bottom: vitamines, none alcohoilc beer, ketchup.
Bottom-left: sparkling water, milk, coca cola.

Next letter is F. Look out for som fruit, fish, figs or maybe fettuccine….

Ps. You can follow my food project here.

C = chocolate cookies

I’m moving on with my food ABC photo project. For the letter C I chose chocolate cookies. These cookies is so yummy. I had a hard time to choose what photo to use for my project. I had several to choose from. So here are a few outtakes.

Tower of yummyness.

It’s hard not to eat the subject…. nom, nom, nom.


Food ABC project

For the last weeks I’ve been posting photos on flickr that I’ve found in my archive. I have some photos that are not posted on flickr; some not posted at all, some posted on this blog. Since I needed a little break and didn’t want to abandon flickr totally, it was a good idea to share some from my archive. It was fast too, no need for any post processing!

It’s been twelve days since my last project ended and it’s time to start the next one. I’m going to start an ABC projcet. What is that, you might think? Let me explain. I am going to start take a picture of something on A, then I’m going to take a picture of something on B and so on and so on. To just do a regular ABC with no theme, sounded a bit boring. I felt I needed a theme to spice it up a bit. To be honest, and maybe not so modest, I’ve gotten some compliments on my food-shots on flickr. So I thought, why not try to improve/impress more? Taking photos of food is hard, but also fun. So I thought I’d give it a go.

This project easier and harder than the last one at the same time. Easier, because I don’t have to take a photo each day. I’ve decided not to make this a project when I have to take a photo each day; just to not get so much stress. The hard part is that not all letters are easy to cover; like U, Z, Q and X.

I am streching this project a little, just because of the difficult letters. For X I can photograph an xtra large melon for instance. And for Q I might photograph quick food (like frozen pizza or microwave food). I need to do that or else this project will fail.

Other letters are easy; I have lots of oportuneties. Like B (bread, buns, bananas, biscuit, bacon, blueberry etc) and F (fish, fettuccine, fries, fudge, flour, figs).

The internet is FULL of things. You can find almost anything you search for. Chantie found this food alphabet which has helped a lot! I have already made a list where I’ve written down suggestions.

I’m really looking forward to this project. It will be fun!

If you have any suggestions to what I can photograph on the letters U, Z, Q and X, you are more than welcome to write a comment.

Christmas cards and fair

I love sundays. Yesterday I sat by my dining table making Christmas cards for about 9 hours. I managed to make five cards. Why only five, you might wonder. Well, I was multitasking! In addition to make cards, I watched old episodes of CSI NY. 11.5 episodes to be exact. I know, it’s a lot. But hey, that’s why we got sundays. Sundays are created for CSI marathons. It’s also created for waffles for breakfast. Yes, waffles for breakfast. Nom, nom, nom.

I reap what I sow. All the cards I made yesterday was made by things I bought at the scrapping fair yesterday. Or the papers I bought at Panduro downtown; which I bought right after I came home from the fair.

We had three hours at the fair. By the three hours had ended, I had spend about 1100 NOK (180$). When we left, I had a feeling I hadn’t been able to look at eveything. A feeling I could’ve found more. I wanted some wedding- and friends themed stamps, but I didn’t get that many. When I came home and got a look at what I’d got, the feeling vanished. I had lots of cool things.

I’m in the middle of the process of making Christmas cards and I got lots of cute rubber stamps. What I need more of is Christmas themed pattern papper. None of the stores had many of that. It’s too early for that, Sigrund told me. You know, it’s only the start of September. So far I managed to use what I already got and some of the new I bought.

In stead of take a photo of all the things I bought, I’m in stead going to show you the cards I’ve made the two last days; they will present what I’ve bought.

So what do you think? Anyone you would like to get in the mail?

Scrapping fair

It’s now two days left until the scrapping fair and I’m very excited. I’m like a kid waiting for presents on Christmas Eve. I texted with my colleague Sigrund today and we made plans to go together. She’s (and a friend of her) picking me up at 10.15. Then we will be there when they open at 11.00. Sigrund told me she had to leave around 14.00 but that’s ok; we’ll get three hours there. It’s plenty of time to go cruising around looking for good buys. This fair is big, so there won’t be so croweded.

I’ve already made a list of what I need / want. It’s getting pretty long. So far I got this:

  • glue dots
  • glue roller
  • glue pillows (not sure if that’s the right word)
  • Promarker pens in various colors (haven’t decided which one I want)
  • rubber stamps (Christmas, friends, wedding)
  • pattern paper (Christmas and genral)
  • single color paper (various colors)
  • brads (Christmas oriented like snowflakes etc)

I have one other things I want as well, but I’m not sure what the proper english word for it is. Not even sure what the Norwegian name is either. haha.

Im not sure what of these things I’m going to buy. I don’t need all of it, but I sure want. When I get there I have to see if I can find some things on sale. That would be great. They usually have a few things on sale.

I have an ugly feeling, I’m gonna spend lots of money on this fair. I know how it was last time. To be safe, I should only take a certain amount of money with me and no credit card, but then again… I would die if I found something I really wanted to buy, only to find out I didn’t have enough money. So… the credit card is coming!

I just need to remember one word; modesty!

Did I just write modesty? Haha. Who am I kidding?

No more posts.