Reading in my bible

The Bible has arrived! I’m of course speaking of the IKEA catalogue. I’m not sure how things are done in other countries, but in Norway all households get a copy of the IKEA catalogue in the mail. Since I have a ‘no-commercial’ sign on my mailbox, I don’t get it. So when it came out two weeks ago, I had to look through it online. Not quite the same as having the actual catalouge between your hands.

Right now I’m at my parents house and they had it! So I’m stealing theirs. I sort of collects the catalogues. Now I got every catalouge since 2003 I think. It’s pretty useless to collect them, but still I do… I might throw them out when I have too many. So far I got space for them, but not sure for how long.

Looking through the catalogue is a lot of fun. It makes me wanna redo my whole apartment; throw out all the old stuff and in with new! That would be awesome! But I don’t have money to do that. I don’t have that much that really needs to be changed either.

I have one project though. Throw out my old desk and in with something else. When I get rid of my computer and buy a laptop (really soon I hope), I don’t have need for a desk in my bedroom. I have a vision of how I want it, but so far I haven’t quite found the furniture to make that happen. I’m starting to think that IKEA  may not be able to fullfill my need/wish. I want something like this, but a bit wider. My wall is 120 cm I think, but Expedit shelf is only 79 cm. Hopefully things will turn out great and I will get it how I want it.

I have to get my ass to IKEA some time soon. My friend Linda is someone I have to ask to join me. We match so well together when it comes to shopping. She can give me some good advice and she’s not the one that gets tired easily.

When I’m done blogging, I think I’m gonna sit down and make a list of all the things I can improve/change in my apartment to make it look nicer /better. That will include things I can toss (lots of junk sadly gets through my door), things I can move to another place and such. I already have some ideas in my head.

A-HA: farewell tour (ending on a high note)

Yesterday me and my friend Linda went to see A-HA on their farewell tour. This is their last tour, before they split once and for all. (Allthough I think they might come back when the urge is too big or the money offered is something you can’t say no to)

I was excited about this concert because I’d read that the stage would be huge and the screens behind the scene too. I read somewhere that the screens were around 600 square meters and the stage would be 1200!

It was a lovely evening, the sun was shining, but it wasn’t too hot. We arrived the arena with lots of other people and the queue to get in was not bad, concidering there would be around 28.000 people there (the newspapers have stated between 25 – 29.000, so god knows how many it actually was…)

The warm-up acts were two norwegian band; first a jazz-heavy-metal band which only did two things: played the guitar insanly loud and screamed. Not my cup of tea. It was aweful! Then there was a strange group named Polka Bear. It was a funny band; playing polka and jodl.

From A-HA’s first song, The Sun Always Shine On TV, the stage which looked like a butterfly, blew my mind. It was friggen awesome. During that song, multiple pictures were displayd rapidly. The lights, the colors, the pictures… ah! It was magic. A-HA isn’t the band that does the most on stage;t they don’t rock around like crazy. So the screen and the lights helped them out to make magic. A reviewer in a online newspaper said there had not been anything like it in Norwegian Rocks history! And I believe he was right, saying that.

A beautiful backdrop.

The hits came one after one. They played 21 songs which included hits like Scoundrel Days, Manhatten Skyline, Hunting High and Low, Stay On These Roads, I’ve Been Loosing You and Move To Memphis. Linda and I, we were looking at each other so happy! We praised the songs and the stage not only once, but several times.

I recorded Hunting High And Low. I have still no luck with embedding videos to this blog, so you have to go check it out on youtube.

Half way they calmed it down a bit and played their new single Butterfly, Butterfly (the last Hurrah) in which Morten Harket forgot the lyrics. He had to stop for second and just smiled to the audience.  Along with that one,  and a sencere thank you for coming and following them all these years,  they played a few songs from their albums released in the early 2000.  Minor Earth Major Sky, Forever Not Yours and Summer Moved On is such beautiful songs and they are awesome live! The only thing missing in the calm section, was Velvet; a beautiful, beautiful song.

The backdrop for Living Daylights (song from the James Bond movie)

The Living Daylights was a sign that the concert was coming to an end. They often play that song as one of their last songs. Everybody were singing a long to the chours: Ooooh oooooh oooh, living daylights.  We knew that their monster hit Take On Me was around the corner. Before they started the song Mags (Magne Furuholmen) said: Here it is; like we had waited for it all evening. Even after all these years, this song still kicks ass! It’s a stadium breaker. Everyone went crazy; singing out loud, jumping up and down, waiving their hand in the air.

The song ended, but it wasn’t over yet. The fireworks started! That’s how you say farewell in a propper way!

The show as two hours with pure awesomeness. This concert was better than my last, mainly because of the stage. The newspapers agree with me (and Linda) that it was a great concert. The online newspapers I’ve read has all given them 5/6. I will give them 6/6. 6 because of the stage alone.

Christmas cards take one

I had a Christmas card bonanza this weekend. Managed to make 9 cards in two days. Not all of them are very creative, some are quite simple, and some almost look alike, but at least they are unike.

All though I got quite a few things to make cards out of, I wish I had more. And I’m really looking forward to the big scrapping fair in the beginning of September. I’ve already started to make a list of what I want to look for. I’m afraid that list will be looooong.

Here are the cards I’ve made so far.

This is very simple. Maybe too simple? Not all card can be super creative.

I made a card or two like this last season. I really liked the layout, so I thought I should use it this year too.

Two cards that are almost the same. When you’re doing 50 cards, you can allow yourself to repeat a card or two

It says Merry Christmas.

It says Merry Christmas this one too.

Here we have two with a Christmas cookie recepie.

Isn’t that mouse cute?

I will for sure be more creative as I progress. When I started on saturday all I ever wanted was to get started. It doesn’t mean I didn’t care about the outcome, it’s just that I knew I could be satisfied with some simple cards as well; and I did.

What do you think about them? Which one do you like the most?

A trip to the forrest

On sunday, me and mum, took our annual trip into the forrest to pick berries. The cranberries, which we picked last year, isn’t ready yet, so we went to pick raspberries.  A man, who died years ago, had some raspberry bushes, and they have spread. So a few of the bushes are still on that property and the rest is in the outskrits of the forrest.

I’m not sure who owns the property now, but nobody seems to care about the raspberries. So mum and I went there. We, as always when we’re there, keep a low profile – just in case. Our voices are not loud, but we quite low. And we keep our heads up in case someone shows up. I doubt anyone has anything to say, but as I said – just in case.

It was a hot sunday. But since it had rained a lot the last weeks, we wore our rubber boots. The boots doesn’t only protect us from the water, but also from snakes. You don’t want to meet a snake in your summer shoes. I almost melted away we walked through the opne landscape. A part of the forrest is gone, so we had to walk a little while ‘out in the open’ as you can see in the top picture. As soon as we came into the forrest, it cooled down.

On our way we found some wild strawberries. They were tiny. I had high hopes for the, but they didn’t taste any good. I think if they had been eaten some weeks earlier, they would’ve tasted better. Because wild straberries normally taste good!

Even though they didn’t taste good, they fit perfectly in my hand – ready to be photographed. You can see my mum in the upper left corner. She doesn’t like to be photographed, so I don’t have any photos of her. The one I took of her and I, got really blury! Gah!

We camped here. This is right by the raspberrie bushes. We had a lot of fun, even though it was hard to find the really big berries. The low voice we kept, made room for lots of “what?”, “say it again” and funny mistakes. Mistakes that only will be funny in Norwegian.

I ate some berries while picking, but managed to put more in my jar than in my mouth.

We filled three of these and one of the round plastic box shown below.

When we came home, we put all the berries on trays so we could get rid of worms, leafs and other things.

Some of the berries will be eaten with currants and vanilla cream, some will be raspberry jam and lots will be frozen (whole berries) to be used later.

If the weather allows it and we bot have time, we will go once more; this time to pick cranberries. My weekend schedule for august are a bit full (spending time in Oslo this weekend, A-HA concert next saturday with Linda who probably will spend the night, one of my cousins wedding in two weeks), but maybe we can arrange something in September. Lets hope so!

I’m (still) your fan

Last friday my friend Linda and I (8.000 in total) went to see Leonard Cohen in Oslo Spektrum. It was her first concert with him, but my second. I was very excited about this concert, because I knew how great it has been back in 2008. The concert start was set to 19.30 and he started ten minutes later. We were there right in time. high up quite far from the stage, but with a great view.

With Dance Me To The End Of Love, he started the concert. And after the opening, the hits came one by one. We got to hear Anthem, Take This Waltz, Halleluja, I’m Your Man, Closing Time, Tower of Love, The future, The Aint No Cure For Love among others.

He was just as sweet as last time. And humble and a pure gentleman. He took off his hat and bowed so many times. When he introduced us to the band he did it and when one of the players/singers in the band had a solo. How many musician bow the guitarist when they do their solo? Pretty much nobody. I said to Linda sometime during the concert that Cohen was so sweet I felt like giving him a big hug!

I must say Cohen impress me. The concert started at 19.40, he had a 20 minute break and ended 23.30. That means he played for 3.5 hours! And he’s friggen 76 years old! It’s amazing.

At the end of the concert he left the stage a few times and came right back. He acutally danced off stage and danced on again. His steps were so light and it was so funny to watch!

How cool isn’t it to be 76 and still being able to do what you love the most in life? Ah. I wish I have it like that when/if I get 76.

I managed to record some of the songs via my phone. I’m a newbie when it comes to that, so on all songs you have to tilt your head to see it. Before next concert (A-HA, the 21st of August) I have to find out how to do it right!

Can’t embed my videos into this post apparently, so I’ll give you the link to them on Youtube.

Enjoy :)

Summer project + other projects

Over 2/3 of my summer project is done. I have now 26 days left. I have to say I’m quite proud of what I have achived so far. There hasn’t been many days when I have complained or wished to end it. Even on the rainy days I’ve managed to get some good shots. Like I said in my last post, rain doesn’t limit you. Rain can be beautiful.

I wanted two diptyches every week. I don’t think I’ve managed that, but it’s not a big deal. As long as I’ve managed to take a photo a day throughout the whole summer, I’m happy.

Having a photoproject going, is a good way to keep the photography alive. You improve with every new shot you take. And improvement is good.

I’ve been thinking of what to do when this project is over. Will I start a new one or will I go back to just shoot whenever I feel like it? I think I want to start a new one. But what? And how often? One thing I’m sure of, it won’t be a 365-project. I’ve tried that once, and it was hard. I could of course just do a no-themed 365; just take a photo each day. But I would like a theme.

I have a few ideas though:

  • 52 self portraits (one each week)
  • 52 sundays (or another day, just take a photo one particular day. The photo must say something about that day)
  • 52 monochrome photos (one each week)
  • 52 food shots (one each week)
  • 30 days of food (one each day for a month)
  • 30 days of monochrome photos (one each day)
  • 30 days of Oslo (one each day. Requires me being in Oslo for month, not going anywhere)

Is there any other good ideas out there? Don’t be shy, bring it to me!

There is no rush to decide. First I have to finish the project I’m doing now.

Today I decided to walk the last part of my way home from work. It was raining. My shoes were almost soaked just by walking ten steps from the busstop. So when already was wet stepping out of bus number 20, there was no use in waiting for the next one. If I walked home, I could take some rainy photos.

Here are a few more shots from today.

Seeing the two last photos together, I see that the colors match. Not sure if they match in a diptych, but the colors looks great together.

No more posts.