Rain, rain, rain & some more rain!

Today has been an utterly grey day. It’s been raining more or less all day. There has been a few time the sky has closed its floodgates.


For me it has been a slow day. Rainy days like this usually makes me bake something. But I’ve been baking two days this week (bread on monday and chocolate cake on tueday), so I figured out I rather do something else. Thinking back on this day, I really don’t how this day has gone by so fast. It feels like I haven’t really done anything. I watched TV, read in a really, really sad book which made me cry big tears, been to the grocerystore where I said hello to a girl I went to junior high school with, talked to my uncle, eaten tomato soup and chatted with Chantie on msn.

Time has passed fast while the rain has poured down. If you overlook that my dad & uncles crops is on its way to drown, rain is not bad. It’s just a little boring when it rains so much and for so long; an entire day!

I had not much inspiration for taking any photos for my summer project today. This morning I really wondered what I should shoot. I thought it would have to be something inside because of the weather. When I made tomato soup I thought I’d take some picture of that. I took photos of the soup, but when the floodgates opened up for real, I thought I’d rather take some rainy photos and make one of them the photo of the day. The rain represent this very day.

These rainy shots reminds of this diptych I made about a year ago; then reasons to not feel down even if it rains. In addition to the ten reasons I can add a reason to not feel down; you don’t have to water your outdoor plants! The rain will take care of that for you.

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