I ♥ Oslo pt. 2

Today has been a great day. The weather has shown itself from the best side; sunny and warmth. Around 22 c. which is a lovely temp. Ellen and I have been exploring the east side of Oslo (Grünerløkka, Akerselva etc). And it has been fun. Altogether we were out walking for about 3.5 hours! My feet/legs, in fact my entire body feels that now. After the long walk, we went to my place to bbq; hamburgers and cheese hotdogs. Yum! It was really nice laying in the grass, eating delish food, listening to various of songs (old and new), talking and commenting on the clouds passing on the sky.

Here are some of what we’ve seen today:


Sings that belongs to a now closed grocery store. Kolonial is an old norwegian word for grocery store. They sold meat and pork. Love the colors and the font in these signs.

A Shelby. Awesome car. Cool with the vans in the window!

A white-ish building that looked really cool against the clear blue sky.

An old silo rebuilt to house people; students in Oslo in particular.

Still no loving police… Building with lots of tagging.

Ellen and I having a little rest. Sitting on the pavement in one-way street eating ice-cream.

The cutest trash can ever!

Colorful chairs. Ellen & I to be seen in the window.

A blue and colorful building. It’s such a beauty!

Seen in a soon to open Italian restaurant. An old-fashioned scale. We are going back to this Italian restaurant, but then to eat.

Spotted cloud while laying in the grass resting after the tour & dinner (bbq) was finished.

One response to I ♥ Oslo pt. 2

  1. LOVE that dip of the car and my favorite thing lately is shots through windows, so I adore that Italian restaurant pic too. =)

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