Christmas in July?!

A online scrapbooking store recently sent me a newsletter, saying it wasn’t too early to think about Christmas. They had sale on rubber stamps with a Christmas theme. So my head started to spin; yesterday I bought a few items (rubber stamps) and a bunch of envolopes thinking I should start early this year.

You may say it’s a bit early to think about Christmas cards as early as June. And part of me would agree. It’s ideal to think about them a little nearer Christmas, so the spirit of Christmas can make its way into the cards. But when you’re making as many cards as I do, it’s better to start early.

I know for a fact that I’m making at least 10 for myself (if not more). And mum needs 20. I’m also pretty sure that Linda would want 10 this year too. And who knows? Maybe Cisca, who ordered 10 last year, want the same amount this year?

I thought about putting out a word on facebook that I took orderes. But after carefully thinking it over, I’ve decided not to. It’s not that I think all my friends would come running and I would have 500 cards to make. Only 20 more cards would be a lot to me.

I wish I could make cards for everyone I know. But I’m afraid I would get tired of it sooner than later. And it would take up too much time. Making cards are quite time consuming.

I think I’m gonna start slowly this week. Maybe I’ll make a few cards today even? If I make two or three cards a week,  I won’t get tired and I will have enough cards read before Christmas.

I went through my scrapping things and found all my Christmas things; cardboard, pattern paper, rubber stamps, tree- and snowflake-brads etc. I expected it to be more actually. I don’t really need that much more, but I would sure like it. There is always a cute rubber stamp that you fall in love with. And it’s pretty hard to say no.

There is a another scrapping fair in September. Sigrund and I are going again. We just have to… I have to save up some money for that one! It’s gonna be a huge fair like the last year. There is two fairs a year; one huge and one tiny one. Like last year I’m going to buy Christmas themed things.

What I need right now is a way to store my Christmas things. I need a binder for all my rubber stamps. I do have one, but it’s almost full. It was quite expensive, so I’m not sure I want to buy another one. I better sit down and work out some storrage cheaper ideas.

Next time I blog, maybe you’ll see a Christmas card!

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