Rain, rain, rain & some more rain!

Today has been an utterly grey day. It’s been raining more or less all day. There has been a few time the sky has closed its floodgates.


For me it has been a slow day. Rainy days like this usually makes me bake something. But I’ve been baking two days this week (bread on monday and chocolate cake on tueday), so I figured out I rather do something else. Thinking back on this day, I really don’t how this day has gone by so fast. It feels like I haven’t really done anything. I watched TV, read in a really, really sad book which made me cry big tears, been to the grocerystore where I said hello to a girl I went to junior high school with, talked to my uncle, eaten tomato soup and chatted with Chantie on msn.

Time has passed fast while the rain has poured down. If you overlook that my dad & uncles crops is on its way to drown, rain is not bad. It’s just a little boring when it rains so much and for so long; an entire day!

I had not much inspiration for taking any photos for my summer project today. This morning I really wondered what I should shoot. I thought it would have to be something inside because of the weather. When I made tomato soup I thought I’d take some picture of that. I took photos of the soup, but when the floodgates opened up for real, I thought I’d rather take some rainy photos and make one of them the photo of the day. The rain represent this very day.

These rainy shots reminds of this diptych I made about a year ago; then reasons to not feel down even if it rains. In addition to the ten reasons I can add a reason to not feel down; you don’t have to water your outdoor plants! The rain will take care of that for you.

It’s a rainy day and I’m baking bread

It’s been a grey day today. It’s been raining most of the day; not heavy, but drizzling. There hasn’t been any weather to do things outside; not to be outside at all actually.

This morning, when I woke up, I realised I had to find some indoor activities to occupied myself. I decided it would be nice to bake something. I thought about chocolate cake and bread. To bake any of those two things, I needed to go to the grocery store. In fact, I needed to go to the grocery store just to get breakfast! There was nothing I could eat!

Since I don’t have my own car, here at  my parents house, I went up to my uncle to borrow his. We had an agreement; I could borrow his car whenever I wanted while I was home. So I took his car to the grocery store and bought a lot of food. And after I’d finished the shopping, eaten dinner, watched some TV, returned the car and had a nice chat with my uncle, I started on baking the bread.

Cheese slicer. Norwegian invention! Handy little thing.

Yummy bread with goat cheese. This is a norwegian speciality. Oh so yummy! I love when it melts on the bread.

 Nom, nom, nom, nom!

The rest of the day passed with my watching (some crap) on TV, watch my fave Norwegian football team (LSK) lose against my second fave Norwegian football team (Hønefoss BK) 2-3, texting football messages with my dad who is in Nice on vacation, talk to Chantie about heartbreaks and finally deciding when she’s coming over to see me. Flight tickets were booked this evening. YEAH BABY! I’ve also watch an ep. of NCIS LA and cried when an agent died in today’s episode.

Right now I’m listening to Scouting for Girls on Spotify. Their album Everybody Wants To Be On TV is lovely. Don’t remember how I came across it; I think I read something about them in the newspaper actually. I decided to check them out and I’m happy I did!

Now it’s time to go to bed. Lets hope tomorrow will be rainfree. Or else I might have to bake again…

I ♥ Oslo pt. 2

Today has been a great day. The weather has shown itself from the best side; sunny and warmth. Around 22 c. which is a lovely temp. Ellen and I have been exploring the east side of Oslo (Grünerløkka, Akerselva etc). And it has been fun. Altogether we were out walking for about 3.5 hours! My feet/legs, in fact my entire body feels that now. After the long walk, we went to my place to bbq; hamburgers and cheese hotdogs. Yum! It was really nice laying in the grass, eating delish food, listening to various of songs (old and new), talking and commenting on the clouds passing on the sky.

Here are some of what we’ve seen today:


Sings that belongs to a now closed grocery store. Kolonial is an old norwegian word for grocery store. They sold meat and pork. Love the colors and the font in these signs.

A Shelby. Awesome car. Cool with the vans in the window!

A white-ish building that looked really cool against the clear blue sky.

An old silo rebuilt to house people; students in Oslo in particular.

Still no loving police… Building with lots of tagging.

Ellen and I having a little rest. Sitting on the pavement in one-way street eating ice-cream.

The cutest trash can ever!

Colorful chairs. Ellen & I to be seen in the window.

A blue and colorful building. It’s such a beauty!

Seen in a soon to open Italian restaurant. An old-fashioned scale. We are going back to this Italian restaurant, but then to eat.

Spotted cloud while laying in the grass resting after the tour & dinner (bbq) was finished.

I ♥ Oslo

I went on a phototrip with Ellen today. Our mission was to go see Holmenkollen; the very famous ski-jump in Oslo. It’s been rebuilt the two last year or so and was finished this winter. The jump tower is finished, but not the surrounding areas. That is not going to be finished until next year when the World Cup in skiing is held in Oslo (ski jump, cross country skiing, biathlon etc)

Holmenkollen is located on a hill.  So you got a beautiful view from up there. You can see almost all of Oslo from that location.

In addition to the view, we also saw this:

A church and a beautiful door. That would’ve been something for my door collection!

We also spotted this owl.

Tomorrow is a new day. Ellen and I, we are meeting up again. Some other part of Oslo will be explored then. And there will be photos. Stay tuned.

Christmas in July?!

A online scrapbooking store recently sent me a newsletter, saying it wasn’t too early to think about Christmas. They had sale on rubber stamps with a Christmas theme. So my head started to spin; yesterday I bought a few items (rubber stamps) and a bunch of envolopes thinking I should start early this year.

You may say it’s a bit early to think about Christmas cards as early as June. And part of me would agree. It’s ideal to think about them a little nearer Christmas, so the spirit of Christmas can make its way into the cards. But when you’re making as many cards as I do, it’s better to start early.

I know for a fact that I’m making at least 10 for myself (if not more). And mum needs 20. I’m also pretty sure that Linda would want 10 this year too. And who knows? Maybe Cisca, who ordered 10 last year, want the same amount this year?

I thought about putting out a word on facebook that I took orderes. But after carefully thinking it over, I’ve decided not to. It’s not that I think all my friends would come running and I would have 500 cards to make. Only 20 more cards would be a lot to me.

I wish I could make cards for everyone I know. But I’m afraid I would get tired of it sooner than later. And it would take up too much time. Making cards are quite time consuming.

I think I’m gonna start slowly this week. Maybe I’ll make a few cards today even? If I make two or three cards a week,  I won’t get tired and I will have enough cards read before Christmas.

I went through my scrapping things and found all my Christmas things; cardboard, pattern paper, rubber stamps, tree- and snowflake-brads etc. I expected it to be more actually. I don’t really need that much more, but I would sure like it. There is always a cute rubber stamp that you fall in love with. And it’s pretty hard to say no.

There is a another scrapping fair in September. Sigrund and I are going again. We just have to… I have to save up some money for that one! It’s gonna be a huge fair like the last year. There is two fairs a year; one huge and one tiny one. Like last year I’m going to buy Christmas themed things.

What I need right now is a way to store my Christmas things. I need a binder for all my rubber stamps. I do have one, but it’s almost full. It was quite expensive, so I’m not sure I want to buy another one. I better sit down and work out some storrage cheaper ideas.

Next time I blog, maybe you’ll see a Christmas card!

Gray weather: cleaning out closet

Today has been quite gray;  cloudy and minimal with rain. It has been a perfect day for cleaning out my closet. And oh boy, did I need that!

When I’ve been looking in my closet and drawer, I have seen a lot of clothes. But even seeing it every day, I didn’t really realise it was that much! Now and then, in the mornings, I’ve had trouble finding something to wear. I have felt like I wear the same clothes over and over. Knowing this, I knew there had to be some clothes that could be tossed away. Beucause why would I get that feeling with my closet so full of clothes.

Over the two last days (yesterday and today) I’ve done some cleaning. Yesterday I attached the pile of tank tops and t-shirts. There were so many tshirts I have held on to for the wrong reasons. Like my old Robbie Williams t-shirts. I adored them once. Now they are too small, not white but sort of yellow and Mr. Williams is not that hip anymore. Well, maybe that will change now, since he’s reuniting with Take That for a year. Anyways, it’s been silly to keep them, even if they’re in the ‘band/music category’ and I’m very attached to t-shirts like that. I’m making a new rule; if the t-shirt won’t be worn, toss it. (No rule without an exception; all Springsteen T’s will be saved, no matter what!)

Today I’ve dug out all my old skirts. Oh my! I didn’t know I had that many. I remember years ago (around 5)  I was in a skirt phase. Lots of these skirts is from that period. The skirts on the picture above is not all my skirts, it’s only the one is I’m tossing. I’m too embarrased to tell how many it is. If you want to know, you have to count them yourself. haha.

I thought I was good at throwing out things I don’t use anymore, but clearly I’m not! I’ll have two full plastic bags full with clothes I won’t/ don’t wear. Knowing this, I need to change my routine.

Another thing I’ve discovered while cleaning out my closet, is that I buy more clothes than I think. I like to see myself as someone who doesn’t buy that much clothes. I don’t feel like I do at least.

I’ve always complained at my mum for buying too many clothes. She can have 5 white t-shirts and buy another one just because. Now I see that I’m not so unlike her after all… I guess that, in some areas, I’m much more like my mum than I up to now,  have thought.

Some of my clothes I’m tossing because I don’t like them anymore. But most of my clothes I toss because they don’t fit.

Over the past year (or a little less), I’ve seen my self gain weight. It’s happened gratuately and not over night. Lots of the clothes I wore a few years a go, I won’t fit anymore. I’ve never been big and my waist has always been small. But the last year things have changed. I’m not making a huge deal about it; it’s just how things have become. I am not what you can call overweight; my weight is normal. But even though I don’t make a huge deal about it, it’s not like I don’t care at all. To be careless, is one step in the wrong direction. I have no intention to get bigger than I am today. But I also realise that at age 31, I will probably not weight under 60 kg again. And that is not my goal either. If I could lose 2 kg. and stay there, I would be very happy.

How I’m going to do that? That question will requier another 600 words (yep, I counted them) and definitely a new blog post.

PS. All clothes that I toss, I’m not really tossing them. I give them to the Salvation Army. Everyone who get rid of clothes, should donate them to the Salvation Army or some similar organisation.

Two weeks in one posting

I’ve been neglecting this blog lately. It’s been two weeks since last time I blogged. So what has happened the two last weeks? Well, this…

I went to a festival with these girls. It’s in Stavern; south in Norway. There were several Norwegian acts and one international – Simple Minds. The festival was fun. Taning, sunburn, eating icecream, a little drinking, bbq-ing, sleeping in a tiny cabin, belly laughing moments, toes in water, breakfast out in the sun, rain early in the morning, 4 minute prepaid shower & a handfull of great concerts.

When I came home that sunday, I watched the World Cup finales (football). I rooted for the Dutch team, since I got friends there. It was a very exciting match, but unfortunately Spain won 1-0. My orange tanktop and the photo above didn’t help. To my BIG surprise I found out that my friend Chantie who is Dutch and hates football, even watched the match!

My balcony has started its makeover; tiles on the floor. The first time we (dad & me) decided to do it, it started to rain. So we had to change the date. Second time we had planned to do it, it started to rain again! Third time is a charm. Yesterday we started. I had to cary 20 kg bags and boxes with tiles (which were heavier than the bags) five floors up with no elevator. OMG! It almost killed me. haha. Hopefully the balcony will be ready this weekend.

I’ve finished my second Henning Mankell book and started on my third. Oh how I love Mankell. The book I read now, the Fifth Woman, is a book about a serial killer like the last one. I’ve just started it, but feels it will be a good story this too.

Talking about reading; this magazine greeted me when I looked into the kiosk window as I was on my way home the other day. Hello Bruce! Happy to see you! I always look inside the window to see if there is any new cool magasines I can buy. I went inside and bought Mojo + Q. A bit expensive, but what the heck?! It’s enjoyable reading. Talking about Springsteen. I bought this amazing map(poster) here the other day. It’s a map with with +200 lyrical references to Springsteen songs. Awesome! I can’t wait to frame it and hang it on a wall!

Other gems bought online is this necklace from this Charming Girl. It’s very pretty and suit me perfect!

The weather has been both good and bad! One day the weather was so great I invited dear Ellen over for a bbq.We had a fun evening eating hot dogs with cheese inside & hamburgers, eating strawberries,  drink water, play a quizgame and talk.

I start my two weeks vacation tomorrow at 16.00. Ahh. That will be great. Two weeks off hopefully means blogging more often. So see you later!

No more posts.