New chair & books

I bought this colorful chair today. I needed something to sit in while reading out in the sun on my balcony. The original chair I wanted, was sold out at IKEA. That’s what I get for being so late! This chair, which I bought at Åhlens, is second best. I could get it in light blue with flowers on, but I fell for the stripy one.The blue table is a bucket turned up side down. It was all I could find that would fit as a table to my low chair. Creative, huh? I could place a glass of cold water there. Or maybe some cava? mmmm.

Here are the chair in full size. It will be perfect for hot summer days when I want to spend hours in the sun reading.

All I need now is some good weather and I’m ready! Today it’s been raining a lot. When I picked up the groceries for the office, it rained so much. The umbrella I had, hardly worked. My shoes were soaked and my pants were wet. So was part of my left arm too. Gosh! I walked around barefoot in the office the rest of the day. haha.

I’m taking good care of my flowers as you can see. When I was processing the flower shot, I recogniced that it had the same colors as my chair; green, red/pink, blue and green.  And a bit of white too. I instantly knew I had to make a diptych out of it.

I bought two books of Mankell yesterday. YAY! I had to stop by a few book stores before I found what I was looking for. All of them had Mankell, but not all had the ones I was looking for. I could’ve bought several more, but I thought two would have to do for now.

I haven’t started reading them yet. I need to catch up on some sleep and then I can’t be reading… I’ll probably start this weekend. Tomorrow Ellen is coming over after work and we’re headed out for a little bbq on the lawn outside my apartment. On friday I’m going to her; to help dye her hair. No time to read either of those days.

Good things comes for those who waits. It’s a saying that goes like that, if I’m not mistaken. And a great Mankell book is waiting for me.

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