I have really been a bookworm lately. A friend got me into reading again. I’m a very on/off bookworm. It can go months between me reading. But when I start reading, I read all the time. That’s how it is now. I read on my way to the office, I read during lunch and I read on my way home.

I’ve started to read Before the frost by Henning Mankell. He’s one of my all time fave writers. He has a serie, crime novels, about a police man called Kurt Wallander. I love it! I started on book number 1 some years ago and my intention was to read them in numeric order. But… when I wanted to read a Wallander story now, I didn’t have the next in line, but another book. And I didn’t wanna wait until I got the right one, so I just started on the one I had.

I’ve been looking at the other books in a bookstore and online.  I hoped they would be cheaper to buy online, sometimes they are. I saw they were a bit cheaper, but if you include the shipping it will be aprox the same. I rather go downtown buy them myself, than have to go to the post office to pick them up.

I recon I’ll buy a few new books tomorrow. I’m meeting mum for a little summer shopping downtown, so it’s a perfect opportunenty to buy some books.

Looking at the photo above, I get reminded of when I was a kid. Me and my friend Linda, we spent lots of summers reading books about the Bobbsey Twins. I loved that serie and I read a lot of books about the twins. I even remember their name; Bert, Nan, Freddie and Flossy.

We laid in the grass, on some blankets, with sunglasses on; swallowing books like kids eat icecream on a hot summer day.It’s a fond memory.

I am the same today.

I have a habit and that’s to read in bed. It’s not very smart, because it’s not easy to stop. Before I know it, it’s already way past my bedtime. Last night it was almost midnight before I could put my book down.

Chantie texted me yesterday. She had been reading Mankell too. It was the last book.  She said Mankell wasn’t gonna write anymore books about Wallander and she was sad about that.  I was like WTF? No more books?! Sigh! I wish he would write more books, because I love his crime novels. I guess everything has to come to and end…

I’m glad I have lots of more of him to reard before it’s over. I’ll be reading some tonight too, after NCIS LA is over and I’m going to bed.

Oh, on the end of this post. Everyone should check out the Read & Review blog by Karin Elizabeth. She reviews books and adds a funny self portrait on all reviews. Great site for bookworms!

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