Oslo by me

The Royal Palace.

The weather has been good today. It hasn’t been vert hot, but at least no rain and not so much wind as the last days. I went downtown Oslo today to take some pictures. I wanted to get some pictures of the city Oslo. I do take pictures in Oslo almost every day, mostly of flowers. And by those pictures, you can’t tell it’s from Oslo. It can be from anywhere. Many of the shots I got today, you can tell it’s from a city.

The tourists has arrived Oslo. I was not the only one walking around with a camera today. Most days I feel like I’m the only one. Now I can take pictures without people looking strangly at me. I even got stopped by a man asking me how my holiday was. I told him that I lived here. Then he said ok and left.

My trip lasted about two hours. This is some of the pictures I took:

The national Theater.

Peopole getting off and on the public ferrie to Bygdøy; which contains museums (Viking ships and more)

Some more boats by the fjord. This turned out as the photo of the day.

Top: part of a boat. Bottom: water (the fjord)

In the park behind the Royal Palace. It belongs to the Royal Palace, but is open for visits during spesific hours. It’s not huge, but pretty.  There were ducks in the pond.

Adn here are the ducks.

Some beautiful architecture. Reminds me of a fairytale/pricess castle.

Stortinget: it’s the seat of Norway’s parlament.

Taken by Stortorvet. On the right GlasMagasinet (mall). The yellow building holds a restaurant. They said it has been ghosts there, a the second floor, but that a medium has taken them to the other side (or what they do with them).

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