Bikes on a sunday

Today it’s all about bikes. I visited Ellen today and on my way there and on my way home, I found a few old, pretty bikes to shoot.

Seeing the blue bike above, I can easliy make a story up in my head about what the person who owned this bike would carry in the wodden box. If I close my eyes, I see lots of vegetables like a bundle with carrots, a small bag with potatoes, a big head of cauliflower and some rhubarb peeking up from the box.  And whent this person came home, she chopped up everything (except the rhubarb) and made a lovely vegetable soup.

Seen from the other side. And belowe, you can see all of it. Well documented bike!

Ellen and I, we went on a hour-long walk today. It was so nice. We left her home and went in a direction we hadn’t been walking before. I don’t think either of us has been in this particular part of town. At least not the exact street we walked down.

We walked through this beautiful allotment with brick houses. It reminded me a lot of England. It was so beautiful. I forgot to take any photos of the place. I think I have to go back on a sunny day and take some photos. I’ve already talked to Ellen about it (via msn) and she agrees. We both prayed to the weather-god simuntaneously about sunny weather, so I’m pretty sure we’re everything is taken care of now. hehe.

Super cool racing bikes. Almost monocrome; not on purpose.

Racing bikes brings me back to my childhood. My sister had a purple racing bike. It was awesome! Sometimes I borrowed it when I was biking to my grandparents house. I only had a white and pink bike and it wasn’t cool AT ALL. Things changed when I was 14. When I got confirmed, I got enough money to by myself a new bike. So I bought myself an off-road bike which was black, white and red. I was finally cool again.

Could I post photos without a diptych? Apparently not. So here’s one on the end of this post.

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