A rainy day

Today has been a grey and rainy day. It won’t go down in the history books as one of the most eventfull or memorable day, that’s for sure! It has been raining a lot today. I was lucky that the hour I was out on my combined getting-groceries and getting-todays-shot trip, it didn’t rain much. Just a few drops here and there.

I wasn’t very optimistic to get a good shot today. But when I came home and looked at my 105 photos from todays trip, it wasn’t as bad as I had thought. Far from everyone is worth keeping, but that’s not what I aim for either.

When I’m out shooting, I take up to 10 shots of the same subject, just to make sure I get one shot I really like. So while I have 105 photos, I may only have 20 different subjects.

This diptych ended up as the photo of the day. Rain is a part of the summer, so I have to include that into the project as well. Everything is not sunshine, you know.

Another diptych. I’m hooked on that these days. Sometimes I use a photo that can stand alone perfectly; like the one to the left. But sometimes I have photos that I  wouldn’t feel comfortable with letting stand alone; like the one to the right. So then I either don’t do anything with it or like now, use it in a diptych. I’m not convinced it’s a perfect match, but I’m going to leave it up here.

Beautiful oil-spill. The colors are lovely.

I’ve been wanting to photograph this manhole cover for a while now. I saw it a while ago when Ellen I were out walking. I didn’t get a chance to photograph it then, but it’s been in the back of my mind every since. Today I finally got a chance to capture it! You don’t see it from this photo, but this cover is square unlike most which is round. I liked that.

And then I’m gonna end with a typical flower-square-bokeh shot. I love daisies and couldn’t pass them on my way to the grocerystore.

A few good things from today:

  • ate some delish icecream
  • picked up the tiles I’d ordered.
  • saw mum open her birthday present two days early. She was happy!
  • got a good walk
  • got a few decent photos and did the photo of the day

Now I’m gonna get myself something to eat and watch USA play against England in the World Cup. Let’s hope England win this!

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