Untraditional wedding card

Today I’ve made a new wedding card. And sort of by accident, it didn’t turn out pink. I wanted to test out a new rubber stamp and some of the new Promaker pens I bought yesteday. So I started with the color yellow and followed up by the color blue; not really thinking it’s not standard wedding colors.

When I had finsihed coloring the picture my instant thought was ‘the dress is not pink!’ But it didn’t take long before I made up my mind and decided not to care. A wedding card doesn’t always have to be white and pink, does it? I think not. What do you think?

I ended up going for a yellow/blue theme with a hint of brown.

The text says ‘real love last forever’.

I decided to decorate an envolope as well. And I went for the same color-theme, yellow/blue.

The text says ‘to the wedding couple’ The bird-stamp is new. When I saw it in the store yesterday, I knew that it would look smashing on envolopes. It’s a pretty bird and so is the flowers and ornaments.

Now I’m inspired to do another wedding card. First I think I have to clean up a bit in my scrapping mess. The dining table is completely covered and things are a bit messy.

One response to Untraditional wedding card

  1. your best friend in the whole world

    oooooh that’s sooo cute :D i love it! of course it doesn’t have to be white or pink. that’s just standard and standard is boring ;) you did a great job! XOXO

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