My uncles farm

I’ve just come home from Aker Foto; the store that are developing my photos. They are great. I send them online and can pick them up the day after. They are not the cheapest one in town, but the best in my opinion.

Today I picked up five photos I’m giving to mum for her birthday. I’ve also picked up six photos I’m sending my aunt. She has asked for photos from the place she grew up. My uncle still lives on the farm they all grew up.

So I got six square photos for my aunt.

To the left is my uncles field.

I’m here standing on the road above. The white house is part of my uncles house. The rest of the buildings is where he keeps his tractors etc.

Road through my uncles propery.

Further up that road.

The property seen from the other side.

A nearly dried up creek dividing two fields.

I’m gonna send them to my aunt tomorrow hopefully. I’m curious what she will think about them. I tell her she will have to decide which one she will put up on the wall. Maybe a few? Maybe all? It’s up to her.

One response to My uncles farm

  1. Amazing beauty of the countryside…so idyllic.
    Great processing, has a great vintage feel to it.
    Love your new header- very joyful and creative.

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