Summer diptych

This is photo number 7. A week has passed and I’m enjoying this summer project very much! It’s a lot of fun.

Today I wasn’t very inspired. I didn’t really have any ideas and didn’t know where to go to find inspiration either. Looking at my flowery skirt, I thought why not take a photo of this pretty skirt? Instantly my brain started to work/spinn and I found out I needed to do a diptych. I took on some old stone bracelets, fetched my camera and went out on the balcony. After I few shots I realised needed grass under my feet. I put on some shoes, fetched my keys and went outside.

After I’d taken a lot of shots, I picked some flowers. I bought two tiny green vases on IKEA a while ago. I wanted to fill one of them with flowers. I would love to show you a photo of them, but I will have to wait. I got an idea for tomorrows shot which includes the vase and the flowers. Another diptych.

When I had processed the photos and made the diptych I see Shanon tweet this: WordsToShootBy is new today! “Body” was the theme: WordsToShootBy Great contributions. I shot my legs in the car.

The concept is to make a triptych and I did a diptych, but we both had a body theme. Funny coincidence. I bet I’ve said it before, but I’ll say it again. I love the concept WordsToShootBy is all about!

I would love to be a part of something like that, but for now I just have to make my own diptyches and admire what they do. It’s not so bad either!

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