Summer at the countryside

I’ve spend half of yesterday and today at my parents house. Next week isn’t going to be so great weather-wise, so I thought ‘why spend two lovely summer days in the city, when you can spend it at the countryside?’ I knew there would be opportuneties to take a lot of photos, walk in the grass barefoot, get a tan, eat icecream, BBQ and say hello to my lovely cat Samson. It wasn’t just opportuneties, in fact all those things happened. And it was great. I’ve had a lovely one and a half day out in the sun.

Top five list is:

  • todays BBQ. Ate some somely meat (juicy pork) and lots of cauliflowers. Nom, nom, nom.
  • sitting out in the sun, reading the Backstreets (Springsteen fan mag) while listening to  Human Touch (Springsteen album).
  • todays photowalk at my uncles property taking photos that I’m going to give one of my aunts. The sun was shining and I listend to the entire Tunnel of Love album (Springsteen album that too) on my phone.
  • my fave football team scored 3 goals in four mintues at the end of todays game; acutally in the 4 minutes they had added after the 90 mins where over! The match ended up in a tie. 3 – 3 against Molde, away-match. The match was on the TV while we ate, so I glanced on the screen from my position out on the terrace once in a while. At 3-2, there were 1 minute left and dad said it was no chance they would make it. Half a minute later, they got a corner and scored. I yelled GOOOOAAAALLLLL and raised my hands in the middle of the conversation we had. Mum almost jumped out of the seat! She didn’t see that coming. Funny!
  • the little chat I had with Chantie on msn earlier today. It was sweet.

Something on a bad note:

  • I got bitten by TWO ants yesterday. It stung alot for a little while, until I got some ‘miracle product’ on my kneee and thigh.

I have got a lot of new photos and I’ll give you some of the most summery shots here. Some will also be posted on my flickr account.

Fields of gold. Lovely buttercups.When the buttercups have arrived, you know it’s summer. This ended up as the ‘official photo of today’; photo 6 out of 90.

Cotton candy clouds. Sometimes I wish I could live upon a cloud. Clouds are so pretty (when they are not ash-clouds that is!). I think this is pretty much sooc, except the crop I did.

Pretty red leafs against the blue sky. The leafs are glowing. This is taken on my uncles property. I didn’t get a chance to speak to him, because he was celebrating his sisters (my aunt) birthday and was not at home. Too bad, I would’ve loved to chat with him for a while.

Some pretty flowers I saw when I came to Lillestrøm yesterday to meet my parents. Not sure what they are called, maybe someone can help me out with that? I was laying in the grass, near the central station, taking photos of these flowers. I wonder what people thought when they saw me?

I have lots of more photos to show, but I’ll stop for now. My back is iching so badly I think I have to go take a shower to cool down. And then I better go to bed. Even though I got vacation, I have to get up early tomorrow. I’m going back to Oslo and I’m gonna ride with my parents. We’ll leave at 06.30!   

I’m so looking forward to not go to work tomorrow. I haven’t really decided what to do with the day yet, but I’m sure I’ll find things to do. I think I have a to-do list somewhere. One thing I know I’m gonna do, is to go take my 7th photo in the summer project!

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