Photoproject – day three

Today has be just as warm as yesterday. The sun is shining and the sky is blue. A shame that I had to work an hour extra, when the weather was so wonderful. But it was the only option. The last days have been very hectic. There has been so much to do; especially since I’ve got vacation next week and have to finish a lot of things before that time!

There were several times I wish I could put myself on a bike, like the one pictured about, and ride away in the sunny weather. Ah! What a bliss that would’ve been. Only one more day now. Only one!

The last hour I worked I had to calm myself down (try to reduce my level of annoyance, haha) with some music by Springsteen. I made myself a playlist on Spotify which contained calm songs like Blood Brother, Secret Garden, Streets of Philladelphia, My Hometown and Jungleland.

It made me happy to think about the camera I had in my purse. Taking photos always makes me happy.

Here are a few other shots I got on my trip home.

Yummy light and bokeh. I love sunlight. This was just a snapshot of the hedge next to the bike I photograhped .

Another diptych. A swing and a bench. I would like to sit on both right now. Be skyhigh with the swing or read in the latest number of the Backstreets (Springsteen fan mag)

Some more flowers in a pot. I never get tired of them. Beautiful flower and matching blue pot!

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