Flower power

Day two of my photoproject is soon over. It was lovely to leave the office a few mintues past 16.00, after a stressfull day at the office, knowing I was going on the hunt for todays shot.

I walked in the same area as yesterday; Kampen. It’s a lovely area east in Oslo with lots of wodden buildings in lovely colors.  I can walk through that area and take the bus home, a few stops away from the start/end stop where usually take the bus from.

It was a bit windy today, but still quite warm. The sun was shining and it was lovely to walk around hunting down things to photograh. The flower photo above is todays ‘official’ photo.

I also ended up with some other shots.

More flowers. I love daisies. A huge  pot with flowers brightens up a entrence and is most welcome in my eyes. I saw quite a few pots like this and I took a shot of almost everyone!

Lots of yummy white bokeh. I can see this photo in a diptych; with either a blue shot or a green one. Don’t think I have anything that matches yet, but I’ll keep it in mind.

Here is one of the colorful buildings I was talking about. I really like the lines in this one. And the pink color! I’m not a huge fan of pink, but this is cool.

Even though I’m just at day two, I’m really enjoying this photo project. It’s fun and I like that it’s a bit easier than my last one. Summer is a wide theme and I can do so much. And I’ve said tomyself that if I run out of ideas on the summer theme, I can always change it. I can skip any theme and just shoot whatever I want.

But for now, I’m sticking to summer!

2 responses to Flower power

  1. LOVE that pink building selfie! =) Really great composition on that, what a great eye!

    The blue pot reminds me of two I have on my front steps, the violets are so pretty in the 2nd pot, and the white fence is outstanding. Wonderful all around.

  2. Kjersti

    Thank you Shanon!

    So you have two pots on your front steps; that’s great. We can’t live without flowers, can we?

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