Summer in the city

Things were a bit stressfull at the office today. I had to work an hour extra to finish all the things I needed to get done. Phew! It was really lovely to go out in the sun and walk around take some photos for my summer project.

I guess I walked for half an hour all together. Not that much, but better than nothing. The sun was shining and it was quite warm.

This is the first photo in my summer project. I started with a diptych. I’ve called it summer in the city. The pedestrian crossing represents the city and the bench and the sunlight represents the summer.

I really love spending the summer in the countryside, but it’s not so bad spending summer days in the city either. Right now I’m happy I can leave my balcony door open all evening without it being cold in my apartment. I even opened it this morning to get fresh air in. It was lovely!

The city also has flowers. Can you survive without flowers? I think not.

I was put on a big test today. As I walked home I came to this grocerystore. Outside they had a commercial-thingy saying they had icecream on sale. My fave icecream. 10 in a box for only 17 NOK. That is so ridicuoulsly cheap. But I’m on a little icecream / chocolate break right now. So what else could I do than walk away? Let me tell you,  It was hard. Very hard.

Well. I’m here and I’m not dead. So I can survive without icecream! But to take care of my urge for something sweet, I’m gonna eat some banana & milk. Chop up half of a banana, put it in a bowl, add milk and some sugar.


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