New chair & books

I bought this colorful chair today. I needed something to sit in while reading out in the sun on my balcony. The original chair I wanted, was sold out at IKEA. That’s what I get for being so late! This chair, which I bought at Åhlens, is second best. I could get it in light blue with flowers on, but I fell for the stripy one.The blue table is a bucket turned up side down. It was all I could find that would fit as a table to my low chair. Creative, huh? I could place a glass of cold water there. Or maybe some cava? mmmm.

Here are the chair in full size. It will be perfect for hot summer days when I want to spend hours in the sun reading.

All I need now is some good weather and I’m ready! Today it’s been raining a lot. When I picked up the groceries for the office, it rained so much. The umbrella I had, hardly worked. My shoes were soaked and my pants were wet. So was part of my left arm too. Gosh! I walked around barefoot in the office the rest of the day. haha.

I’m taking good care of my flowers as you can see. When I was processing the flower shot, I recogniced that it had the same colors as my chair; green, red/pink, blue and green.  And a bit of white too. I instantly knew I had to make a diptych out of it.

I bought two books of Mankell yesterday. YAY! I had to stop by a few book stores before I found what I was looking for. All of them had Mankell, but not all had the ones I was looking for. I could’ve bought several more, but I thought two would have to do for now.

I haven’t started reading them yet. I need to catch up on some sleep and then I can’t be reading… I’ll probably start this weekend. Tomorrow Ellen is coming over after work and we’re headed out for a little bbq on the lawn outside my apartment. On friday I’m going to her; to help dye her hair. No time to read either of those days.

Good things comes for those who waits. It’s a saying that goes like that, if I’m not mistaken. And a great Mankell book is waiting for me.


I have really been a bookworm lately. A friend got me into reading again. I’m a very on/off bookworm. It can go months between me reading. But when I start reading, I read all the time. That’s how it is now. I read on my way to the office, I read during lunch and I read on my way home.

I’ve started to read Before the frost by Henning Mankell. He’s one of my all time fave writers. He has a serie, crime novels, about a police man called Kurt Wallander. I love it! I started on book number 1 some years ago and my intention was to read them in numeric order. But… when I wanted to read a Wallander story now, I didn’t have the next in line, but another book. And I didn’t wanna wait until I got the right one, so I just started on the one I had.

I’ve been looking at the other books in a bookstore and online.  I hoped they would be cheaper to buy online, sometimes they are. I saw they were a bit cheaper, but if you include the shipping it will be aprox the same. I rather go downtown buy them myself, than have to go to the post office to pick them up.

I recon I’ll buy a few new books tomorrow. I’m meeting mum for a little summer shopping downtown, so it’s a perfect opportunenty to buy some books.

Looking at the photo above, I get reminded of when I was a kid. Me and my friend Linda, we spent lots of summers reading books about the Bobbsey Twins. I loved that serie and I read a lot of books about the twins. I even remember their name; Bert, Nan, Freddie and Flossy.

We laid in the grass, on some blankets, with sunglasses on; swallowing books like kids eat icecream on a hot summer day.It’s a fond memory.

I am the same today.

I have a habit and that’s to read in bed. It’s not very smart, because it’s not easy to stop. Before I know it, it’s already way past my bedtime. Last night it was almost midnight before I could put my book down.

Chantie texted me yesterday. She had been reading Mankell too. It was the last book.  She said Mankell wasn’t gonna write anymore books about Wallander and she was sad about that.  I was like WTF? No more books?! Sigh! I wish he would write more books, because I love his crime novels. I guess everything has to come to and end…

I’m glad I have lots of more of him to reard before it’s over. I’ll be reading some tonight too, after NCIS LA is over and I’m going to bed.

Oh, on the end of this post. Everyone should check out the Read & Review blog by Karin Elizabeth. She reviews books and adds a funny self portrait on all reviews. Great site for bookworms!

Oslo by me

The Royal Palace.

The weather has been good today. It hasn’t been vert hot, but at least no rain and not so much wind as the last days. I went downtown Oslo today to take some pictures. I wanted to get some pictures of the city Oslo. I do take pictures in Oslo almost every day, mostly of flowers. And by those pictures, you can’t tell it’s from Oslo. It can be from anywhere. Many of the shots I got today, you can tell it’s from a city.

The tourists has arrived Oslo. I was not the only one walking around with a camera today. Most days I feel like I’m the only one. Now I can take pictures without people looking strangly at me. I even got stopped by a man asking me how my holiday was. I told him that I lived here. Then he said ok and left.

My trip lasted about two hours. This is some of the pictures I took:

The national Theater.

Peopole getting off and on the public ferrie to Bygdøy; which contains museums (Viking ships and more)

Some more boats by the fjord. This turned out as the photo of the day.

Top: part of a boat. Bottom: water (the fjord)

In the park behind the Royal Palace. It belongs to the Royal Palace, but is open for visits during spesific hours. It’s not huge, but pretty.  There were ducks in the pond.

Adn here are the ducks.

Some beautiful architecture. Reminds me of a fairytale/pricess castle.

Stortinget: it’s the seat of Norway’s parlament.

Taken by Stortorvet. On the right GlasMagasinet (mall). The yellow building holds a restaurant. They said it has been ghosts there, a the second floor, but that a medium has taken them to the other side (or what they do with them).

Bikes on a sunday

Today it’s all about bikes. I visited Ellen today and on my way there and on my way home, I found a few old, pretty bikes to shoot.

Seeing the blue bike above, I can easliy make a story up in my head about what the person who owned this bike would carry in the wodden box. If I close my eyes, I see lots of vegetables like a bundle with carrots, a small bag with potatoes, a big head of cauliflower and some rhubarb peeking up from the box.  And whent this person came home, she chopped up everything (except the rhubarb) and made a lovely vegetable soup.

Seen from the other side. And belowe, you can see all of it. Well documented bike!

Ellen and I, we went on a hour-long walk today. It was so nice. We left her home and went in a direction we hadn’t been walking before. I don’t think either of us has been in this particular part of town. At least not the exact street we walked down.

We walked through this beautiful allotment with brick houses. It reminded me a lot of England. It was so beautiful. I forgot to take any photos of the place. I think I have to go back on a sunny day and take some photos. I’ve already talked to Ellen about it (via msn) and she agrees. We both prayed to the weather-god simuntaneously about sunny weather, so I’m pretty sure we’re everything is taken care of now. hehe.

Super cool racing bikes. Almost monocrome; not on purpose.

Racing bikes brings me back to my childhood. My sister had a purple racing bike. It was awesome! Sometimes I borrowed it when I was biking to my grandparents house. I only had a white and pink bike and it wasn’t cool AT ALL. Things changed when I was 14. When I got confirmed, I got enough money to by myself a new bike. So I bought myself an off-road bike which was black, white and red. I was finally cool again.

Could I post photos without a diptych? Apparently not. So here’s one on the end of this post.

A rainy day

Today has been a grey and rainy day. It won’t go down in the history books as one of the most eventfull or memorable day, that’s for sure! It has been raining a lot today. I was lucky that the hour I was out on my combined getting-groceries and getting-todays-shot trip, it didn’t rain much. Just a few drops here and there.

I wasn’t very optimistic to get a good shot today. But when I came home and looked at my 105 photos from todays trip, it wasn’t as bad as I had thought. Far from everyone is worth keeping, but that’s not what I aim for either.

When I’m out shooting, I take up to 10 shots of the same subject, just to make sure I get one shot I really like. So while I have 105 photos, I may only have 20 different subjects.

This diptych ended up as the photo of the day. Rain is a part of the summer, so I have to include that into the project as well. Everything is not sunshine, you know.

Another diptych. I’m hooked on that these days. Sometimes I use a photo that can stand alone perfectly; like the one to the left. But sometimes I have photos that I  wouldn’t feel comfortable with letting stand alone; like the one to the right. So then I either don’t do anything with it or like now, use it in a diptych. I’m not convinced it’s a perfect match, but I’m going to leave it up here.

Beautiful oil-spill. The colors are lovely.

I’ve been wanting to photograph this manhole cover for a while now. I saw it a while ago when Ellen I were out walking. I didn’t get a chance to photograph it then, but it’s been in the back of my mind every since. Today I finally got a chance to capture it! You don’t see it from this photo, but this cover is square unlike most which is round. I liked that.

And then I’m gonna end with a typical flower-square-bokeh shot. I love daisies and couldn’t pass them on my way to the grocerystore.

A few good things from today:

  • ate some delish icecream
  • picked up the tiles I’d ordered.
  • saw mum open her birthday present two days early. She was happy!
  • got a good walk
  • got a few decent photos and did the photo of the day

Now I’m gonna get myself something to eat and watch USA play against England in the World Cup. Let’s hope England win this!

It is funny how one thing can lead to another  and in the end you are somehwere else than when you started.

Yesterday night, I was reading an online newspaper. Then I came across a review of the Gaslight Anthems new cd American Slang, which is due next wednesday. It got great reviews. 5 out of 6. The reviewer called them ‘the sons of Springsteen’.  So I decide to see if any other Norwegian newspaper have revided their new album yet. Only one could I find.

Then I decide to check some international music magazines. First I check Pitchfork, but can’t find any. So I move on to Rolling Stone. At the front page, and the head news, I find out that they are streaming their new album from their site! I forget all about the reviews and go straight to the place where they are streaming and hit play!

Out of pure excitment I have to tweet about it. Not only do I tweet, I also find the Gaslight Anthem and Brian Fallon (lead singer) on twitter and follow them. In one of the bands tweet, they write that Mr. Fallon has started to blog. Out of curiosity I find his blog and read a bit in his blog.

Inspired by one of this new song, which I’m not sure of who was at the moment, and something he writes on his blog, I got an idea for a poem. And it doesn’t take long before the poem is ready!

I haven’t written a poem in a while and was a bit surprised that a poem arised out of the blue. Well… music inspire me a lot when it comes to writing poems.

The poem sort of has two meanings; I leave it up to you to figure out what it can be. I’ll post the poem on my poem-blog too.

Blinded by the stars

Aren’t we all
chasing that dream.

Trying to find the perfect picture
like the guys on the screen.

Aren’t we all
chasing that hit.

Unaware that we are,
we are missing it.

It’s not about the hits
or everything great.

It’s from the ordinary things
we should create.

Untraditional wedding card

Today I’ve made a new wedding card. And sort of by accident, it didn’t turn out pink. I wanted to test out a new rubber stamp and some of the new Promaker pens I bought yesteday. So I started with the color yellow and followed up by the color blue; not really thinking it’s not standard wedding colors.

When I had finsihed coloring the picture my instant thought was ‘the dress is not pink!’ But it didn’t take long before I made up my mind and decided not to care. A wedding card doesn’t always have to be white and pink, does it? I think not. What do you think?

I ended up going for a yellow/blue theme with a hint of brown.

The text says ‘real love last forever’.

I decided to decorate an envolope as well. And I went for the same color-theme, yellow/blue.

The text says ‘to the wedding couple’ The bird-stamp is new. When I saw it in the store yesterday, I knew that it would look smashing on envolopes. It’s a pretty bird and so is the flowers and ornaments.

Now I’m inspired to do another wedding card. First I think I have to clean up a bit in my scrapping mess. The dining table is completely covered and things are a bit messy.

My uncles farm

I’ve just come home from Aker Foto; the store that are developing my photos. They are great. I send them online and can pick them up the day after. They are not the cheapest one in town, but the best in my opinion.

Today I picked up five photos I’m giving to mum for her birthday. I’ve also picked up six photos I’m sending my aunt. She has asked for photos from the place she grew up. My uncle still lives on the farm they all grew up.

So I got six square photos for my aunt.

To the left is my uncles field.

I’m here standing on the road above. The white house is part of my uncles house. The rest of the buildings is where he keeps his tractors etc.

Road through my uncles propery.

Further up that road.

The property seen from the other side.

A nearly dried up creek dividing two fields.

I’m gonna send them to my aunt tomorrow hopefully. I’m curious what she will think about them. I tell her she will have to decide which one she will put up on the wall. Maybe a few? Maybe all? It’s up to her.

Summer diptych

This is photo number 7. A week has passed and I’m enjoying this summer project very much! It’s a lot of fun.

Today I wasn’t very inspired. I didn’t really have any ideas and didn’t know where to go to find inspiration either. Looking at my flowery skirt, I thought why not take a photo of this pretty skirt? Instantly my brain started to work/spinn and I found out I needed to do a diptych. I took on some old stone bracelets, fetched my camera and went out on the balcony. After I few shots I realised needed grass under my feet. I put on some shoes, fetched my keys and went outside.

After I’d taken a lot of shots, I picked some flowers. I bought two tiny green vases on IKEA a while ago. I wanted to fill one of them with flowers. I would love to show you a photo of them, but I will have to wait. I got an idea for tomorrows shot which includes the vase and the flowers. Another diptych.

When I had processed the photos and made the diptych I see Shanon tweet this: WordsToShootBy is new today! “Body” was the theme: WordsToShootBy Great contributions. I shot my legs in the car.

The concept is to make a triptych and I did a diptych, but we both had a body theme. Funny coincidence. I bet I’ve said it before, but I’ll say it again. I love the concept WordsToShootBy is all about!

I would love to be a part of something like that, but for now I just have to make my own diptyches and admire what they do. It’s not so bad either!

Summer at the countryside

I’ve spend half of yesterday and today at my parents house. Next week isn’t going to be so great weather-wise, so I thought ‘why spend two lovely summer days in the city, when you can spend it at the countryside?’ I knew there would be opportuneties to take a lot of photos, walk in the grass barefoot, get a tan, eat icecream, BBQ and say hello to my lovely cat Samson. It wasn’t just opportuneties, in fact all those things happened. And it was great. I’ve had a lovely one and a half day out in the sun.

Top five list is:

  • todays BBQ. Ate some somely meat (juicy pork) and lots of cauliflowers. Nom, nom, nom.
  • sitting out in the sun, reading the Backstreets (Springsteen fan mag) while listening to  Human Touch (Springsteen album).
  • todays photowalk at my uncles property taking photos that I’m going to give one of my aunts. The sun was shining and I listend to the entire Tunnel of Love album (Springsteen album that too) on my phone.
  • my fave football team scored 3 goals in four mintues at the end of todays game; acutally in the 4 minutes they had added after the 90 mins where over! The match ended up in a tie. 3 – 3 against Molde, away-match. The match was on the TV while we ate, so I glanced on the screen from my position out on the terrace once in a while. At 3-2, there were 1 minute left and dad said it was no chance they would make it. Half a minute later, they got a corner and scored. I yelled GOOOOAAAALLLLL and raised my hands in the middle of the conversation we had. Mum almost jumped out of the seat! She didn’t see that coming. Funny!
  • the little chat I had with Chantie on msn earlier today. It was sweet.

Something on a bad note:

  • I got bitten by TWO ants yesterday. It stung alot for a little while, until I got some ‘miracle product’ on my kneee and thigh.

I have got a lot of new photos and I’ll give you some of the most summery shots here. Some will also be posted on my flickr account.

Fields of gold. Lovely buttercups.When the buttercups have arrived, you know it’s summer. This ended up as the ‘official photo of today’; photo 6 out of 90.

Cotton candy clouds. Sometimes I wish I could live upon a cloud. Clouds are so pretty (when they are not ash-clouds that is!). I think this is pretty much sooc, except the crop I did.

Pretty red leafs against the blue sky. The leafs are glowing. This is taken on my uncles property. I didn’t get a chance to speak to him, because he was celebrating his sisters (my aunt) birthday and was not at home. Too bad, I would’ve loved to chat with him for a while.

Some pretty flowers I saw when I came to Lillestrøm yesterday to meet my parents. Not sure what they are called, maybe someone can help me out with that? I was laying in the grass, near the central station, taking photos of these flowers. I wonder what people thought when they saw me?

I have lots of more photos to show, but I’ll stop for now. My back is iching so badly I think I have to go take a shower to cool down. And then I better go to bed. Even though I got vacation, I have to get up early tomorrow. I’m going back to Oslo and I’m gonna ride with my parents. We’ll leave at 06.30!   

I’m so looking forward to not go to work tomorrow. I haven’t really decided what to do with the day yet, but I’m sure I’ll find things to do. I think I have a to-do list somewhere. One thing I know I’m gonna do, is to go take my 7th photo in the summer project!

No more posts.