Cupcakes (again)

I’ve made cupcakes – again. Do I ever bake anything else? Not much. Cupcakes are easy to make and super yummy. The reason for me baking today was a promise I made to my colleageu Gøril. She’s been swamped in work for quite some time and her job-list has been long!

Some time ago I promised her to bring cake when she had 10 jobs or less listed in the internal system. Today she reached that goal. She didn’t tell me before we were heading out. She hadn’t really planned to tell me at all, because she didn’t want to put any preasure on me since it was the last day before my week off.

I told myself on the way home that I would make something if I had the right ingredients at home. And I did. I almost all the time have baking powder, cocoa powder, sugar, butter, eggs and flour avaliable in the kitchen. You never know when the urge to bake something comes…

Since I had these lovely green cupcake molds (or what propper name is…), I had to make cupcakes. I wanted to use them. They are so pretty!

I got four of those brown glasses. They means a lot to me, because they belonged to my grandparents. When my grandmother died a few years ago, these glasses was one of the few things I would love to inherit. I remember helping out cleaning the whole house. We could all tell what we wanted and then later we would decide who got what. I told eveyone I really would like the four glasses. One of my uncles looked at them and said ‘those ugly glasses, do you want them? ‘Yeah’ I replied. ‘Just take them’, he then said and laughed.

To me those glasses are very retro and they have a sentimental value. I can just close my eyes and just picture all the meals I’ve eaten and drinks I’ve drinken with my grandparents.

This is how the cupcakes turned out.  Not all of them turned out great, most of them didn’t. The reason is that I didn’t put the temp right the first load I had in the oven. So they became a bit like brownies. haha. Well, they taste good and that what’s matter.

Tomorrow is going to be great and that’s because of a few reasons:

  1. Tomorrow is the last day working before I have one week off.
  2. We have a wine lottery tomorrow.
  3. We’re gonna eat weiners for lunch tomorrow.
  4. I can listen to the music I have on Spotify all day while working.

If I’m not gonna be dead tomorrow morning, I better end now and go to bed.

waffles: nom, nom, nom.

It’s saturday and we have a long weekend, since monday is our National Day and we’re off that day. Our National Day needs to be celebrated propperly and I started a bit early by making waffles today!

So far this day has been good.

After a lovely  breakfast, I headed out to buy cake and groceries. The cake was for my parents who were coming on a short visit to delivery the dress I’m wearing on monday.

Since the most of the grocerystores are closed tomorrow and everyone is closed on monday, I needed to do some groceryshopping. Ellen is coming over for dinner today and we’re having dinner together on monday as well, I needed a few things. I came home with more than I had planned; which happens a lot.

My parents came, eat cake and left again. It was a short, but sweet visit. Now, Ellen is on her way up. We’re having dinner and then going to the moives. We’re gonna see Fish Tank.

Tell more later!

Blogs, inspiration and projects

At the beginning of this year, as you may remember, I was very obsessed with John Mayer. I listened to Battle Studies every day for at least two months. I searched every kiosk downtown Oslo to find the Rolling Stone magazine with the John Mayer interview and watched youtube clips from of him. I followed him on twitter and I even linked to his blog, just to see what he wrote. I didn’t really matter what he wrote, as long as he wrote something.

God, thinking about it now, it feels like I jumped back in time to when I were 14. That’s how 14 year old girls act when it comes to their idols.

Now, I’m not so obsessed anymore. It has faded.

I still have a link to his blog, but it’s for another reason now. It’s not the teenager crush thing that is driving me. It’s something else.

Recently he has posted some of his own pictures, taken by either his iphone, Canon 5d or Leica M9! And I’m surprised, because his photographic skills are really good.  I shouldn’t really be surprised, becauce why couldn’t he be good at photographing as well? I guess I just didn’t expect it.

The man got the looks, he’s funny, he can sing, and he sure can use that gituar. And now he’s good at photographing as well! He has a way with words too; his writing is good and I like lots of his blogposts. The man sure has a lot of talent.

Go look here.

He is not the only one who has talent. Just look at the blogs I support. There are lots of talent behind those blogs.

Today I found a new blog I instantly fell for. It’s called Words to Shot By, and it’s absolutely great. The concept is to make a triptych (three pics) based on a word. That is so up my alley. I would love to do something like that with someone, but I don’t have anyone to ask? Hmm.

When I think about it, I do have a similar project; the flickr set is called numbers and the flickr group I called the diptych: two photos, one number and a list. The group have 26 members, but I’m the only one who has posted anything.

The idea behind the project is to make a diptych. One of the photo should contain a number and the other photo should be linked to the list you’re gonna write. And the list should be as long as the pictured number.

I haven’t contributed to that project in ages. Maybe it’s time to bring it back to life? It’s gonna be hard, because the main reason for me not working on it, was that I didn’t have any ideas. I couldn’t come up with anything worth listing.

I think I’m going to kick my self in the but and make me try harder. I don’t remember myself trying that hard last time. I’m gonna go find my beautiful notebook and start thinking out new ideas.

When I think about it, I might just have an idea already… :)

Music & books

I’m not much of a reader. I love to read, but I don’t read nearly as many books as I would like to. If I read, I mostly read crime books, esp. from writers like Jo Nesbø, Henning Mankell and Håkan Nesser. I love crime novels.

What I also l love to read is books about muscisians I like. Years ago I read a book about Robbie Williams. I’ve alos read books about Springsteen. Right now I have at least three unfinished books; one about U2, a Springsteen book and a E Street Band Book. The great thing about these books is that you can put it away for months and pick it up again wihthout having to read it all over again, because you’ve forgot half of the plot.

Now I’ve started on a new book as of today. Clarence (from the E Street Band) and his long-time friend Don Reo has written about Clarence. The book got the name Big Man, which is Clarenc’s nickname. Because he is a big man; in more than one way.

I ordered the book on before Easter, but didn’t think it would arrive until Easter was over. It took way longer than expected. I don’t know what, but something happened with my order, so I didn’t get a notification to pick it up at the post office before monday.

I took the notification paper with me on tuesday to pick it up. After work ended I went to the post office to send a package, but I forgot to pick up the book. And I didn’t realise that before I had bought groceries and was on my way home. I was too tired to go down there again, so I had to wait another day.

Yesterday I picked it up, but didn’t get the chance to start read it before today. I brought it to work and read on the bus this morning. It’s only when I bring a good book on the bus, I wish my busride to work would take longer. Seven minutes is not enough. You only get to start reading before you have to hop off.

Luckily I could read while I had my lunchbreak today. Normally I play cards with my colleague Gøril during lunch, but she couldn’t have lunch with me to day. Normally I would be bummed, but today I actually was happy about it.

I’ve only read like twenty pages, but it’s great so far! I’ve had many laughs. It will be fun & interesting to know this man a little better. Because I don’t know much about him. He is the most awesome sax player I know.

The nickname Big Man suits him very well. Not only because he’s very tall and strong / robust. He is big in whole other way too. He’s big when it comes to play the sax and his interaction with Springsteen. There is no one quite like him!

I was talking to Linda earlier this year about concerts. She was hungry for a concert, because it had been so long since last time. I was feeling the same. With a sigh I had to tell her that I had checked my music sources and there wasn’t any great concert in sight; neither small or big. I was a little bit afraid it would be a year with not so much concerts.

Things have changed!

Not long ago I found out Leonard Cohen is coming back to Oslo in Augsust. That man is awesome and taken his age in cosideration, he might not tour for much longer. Linda hadn’t seen him before; last time he came, she didn’t go. So I ordered tickets for us.

A few days later we ordered tickets to see A-HA. It’s the start on their farewell tour. I have my doubts that they really are pulling out the plugs and are saying goodbye for good, but that doesn’t really matter. I had to see them anyway! This will be my 4th time seeing them.

They’ll be playing, outdoor, in August. In fact, they are playing at the same day as Lars Winnerbäck is playing at the roof of the Opera-house! Big disappointment! I really wanted to see Winnerbäck!

That is not all. I’m also going on a festival this summer; Stavernfestivalen. Been there once before and it was very fun. This time it will be even better because we’re not staying in a hotel, but we’ve rented two cabins to sleep in. We’re four girls going.

The festival has Norwegian music profile. Mostly acts come from Norway, but they also have international bands. The programme is not set yet, but I know Simple Minds are coming. And for the Norwegian band, we’ll be able to see Dum Dum Boys, Jon Olav Nilsen og Gjengen, Åge Aleksandersen, Hellbillies, Thom Hell and the rapper Lars Vaular.

First I said no to the festival. I had planned to spend my money on other things. Linda, who I’m going with, first said ok and that she was going to find someone else to share the cabin with. After a little while, she begged me to come along. She was so convincing I couldn’t say no. Oh boy was she happy when I finally said yes. It made me very happy when she said there should be more people like me in the world. Words like that makes you smile.

Not long ago I found out that the Gaslight Anthem is playing at a festival in Oslo. I really, really, really wanna go see them, but I’m not sure I’ll have anyone who will go with me. And they play on a day when I work, so if I buy a ticket for that festival day, I will miss out some of the bands. I have yet to decide what to do. Last year when they were in Norway, they were also playing a festival. Why can’t they play  a stand-alone  concert? Gah!

Oh well, you can’t win them all. Isn’t that what they say?

the laptop has arrived

Not long ago dad decided to get rid of his old laptop and asked if I wanted it. He knows I’ve been talking about getting one myself. I said yes, knowing it’s old and slow. I figured, why not start with this one until I can decide what to buy for myself.

When I was home this weekend I picked it up and brought it with me back home. As soon as I came back to my apartment this evening, I turned it on. I needed to do some clean up on it.

I also wanted to import one of my recent stories so I could write on it. I do write stories. Not very often. It’s like a tidal wave; it comes and goes. A while ago, I started writing on a story that is not a fan-fiction, but rather a half fictional story about a friend of mine.

I only read what I already had written and added a few lines. Then I got bored. The TV got me occupied too.

So I closed the story and imported the photosI’ve taken today. I went through all of them and deleted most of the useless photos. Then I launched Photoscape and started to edit some photos. I finished three and I’m not sure if there is any more good shots to process actually. Tomorrow will show.

My idea about this laptop is that I can be able to sit in the livingroom in front of the TV, work with my photos and chat with people at the same time. It’s more fun to be online when I’m in the livingroom instead of sitting in the bedroom like I’m now.

I’m not yet online with the laptop. To be that I need a wireless router. I’m thinking about buying one this week. I’ll ask a colleague about what to buy. I don’t know much about things like this.

So far, I’m just happy to have Photoscape up and running on the machine. I see lots of people online being happy about the CS5 (photoshop) release. I have to say I don’t care that much about it. CS is super exspensive and I will never be able to afford it. I have Photoshop 7.0 now, but I downloaded it – not the leagal way. haha. CS is so big and heavy; it takes much space and memory. It’s a pain in the ass to work with if you got other things running. And CS has so many options; it’s jungle. It takes quite some time to learn.

With Photoscape, everything is easy. I have these film-filters which gives me a cool way to process my pics. And it’s done with a two clicks. Can it get any better? Hardly! I can only think of a few things Photoscape doesn’t have, but if you only think about photoediting, it’s ace!

No more posts.