Shopping & shopphing & shopping

Friday was crazy! I had planned a shopping day with my friend Linda. We’re great shopping companions, because we think alike and like the same things.

We met at IKEA at 10.00 and wasn’t home until 19 ish. My main goal for the day was to buy tiles for my balcony. That didn’t turn out as easy as I had thought. We stopped by four different tile-stores trying to find the perfect tile. And I did. But guess what? The first tile I wanted, they only had a few left. And they weren’t making it anymore. So I went to another store and a tile that was almost the same. Guess what? Same thing happened!

I happened to find another tile in the same store and went for that. The lady looked it up. It was sold out for the moment! Oh good lord, why? It would take a week and a half before they got another shipment. So I ordered 6 m2 of tiles and will pick it up some time after the 7th. Luckily I got vacation then, so I have time to do it.  

I’m so looking forward to get the tiles. My balcony will be so much cosier after they tiles are in place. It will be ten times easier to clean the balcony too.

After we’d finished looking for tiles we went to IKEA. We had only met there in the morning; we didn’t actually go inside then. I bought two pillows for my outdoor chairs.

I saw this really cool chair that I wanted. You can fold this chair so it won’t take up so much space if you’re not sitting in it. It was really comfortable to sit in too. I can see myself sit in this chair reading a good book. I am going to buy it, but first I have to registrer to IKEA Family, so I can buy it cheaper. If you’re a member of IKEA Family you get a 100 NOK discount on the chair! Brilliant, huh? Yes, I think so :) I did just registrer, so now I can go buy it. I’ll do it in a week or so when I got vacation again.

Linda and I, we also went to a mall to look for clothes & shoes. I bought:

  • black ballerina-shoes
  • dark brown high heels
  • flowery skirt on supersale (only 50 NOK!)
  • black leggings
  • pink nailpolish

When we came home, we were exhausted! Our feet were hurting! It was bad! But we got a little work-out and that’s good. Because we both need it. Well, that… that is a topic for a new blog entry!

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