the dandelions

I had my last day at the office before my one week off. Now I’m free to do whatever I want for nine days. It’s awesome! It’s been hectic in the office today for me, so it was good have some cupcakes to eat. Gøril was happy about them and said they were good! Even Sigrund got one and she was happy too.

When I left the office took a tiny detour to get home; I wanted to take some photos out in the sun. My feet hurt a bit and it was so hot outside (had too much clothes on),  so I didn’t get to go for a long walk.

I ended up taking quite a few photos of dandelions. Lots of people look at that flower as weed, but I kind of like it. It speaks spring/summer, sun and walking barefoot in the grass. That is when it’s still yellow and alive.

The dandelion doesn’t speak those thing that much when it’s dieing, but it doesn’t mean it’s not still beautiful. It is. So this post is all about the dandelions. Oh.. and a few other sunny summer shots.

Look at that little furry head.  Isn’t it cute? I think so!

Here we got more furry heads.

This one is called the bald and the beautiful; a funny twist on the soap opera the Bold and the Beautiful.

The reminds me of an afro. Some times I wish had an awesome afro instead of the hair I got now.

This shot worked best as a classic monochrome shot.

And as a ending, two sunny summer shot loaded with bokeh.

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