Cupcakes (again)

I’ve made cupcakes – again. Do I ever bake anything else? Not much. Cupcakes are easy to make and super yummy. The reason for me baking today was a promise I made to my colleageu Gøril. She’s been swamped in work for quite some time and her job-list has been long!

Some time ago I promised her to bring cake when she had 10 jobs or less listed in the internal system. Today she reached that goal. She didn’t tell me before we were heading out. She hadn’t really planned to tell me at all, because she didn’t want to put any preasure on me since it was the last day before my week off.

I told myself on the way home that I would make something if I had the right ingredients at home. And I did. I almost all the time have baking powder, cocoa powder, sugar, butter, eggs and flour avaliable in the kitchen. You never know when the urge to bake something comes…

Since I had these lovely green cupcake molds (or what propper name is…), I had to make cupcakes. I wanted to use them. They are so pretty!

I got four of those brown glasses. They means a lot to me, because they belonged to my grandparents. When my grandmother died a few years ago, these glasses was one of the few things I would love to inherit. I remember helping out cleaning the whole house. We could all tell what we wanted and then later we would decide who got what. I told eveyone I really would like the four glasses. One of my uncles looked at them and said ‘those ugly glasses, do you want them? ‘Yeah’ I replied. ‘Just take them’, he then said and laughed.

To me those glasses are very retro and they have a sentimental value. I can just close my eyes and just picture all the meals I’ve eaten and drinks I’ve drinken with my grandparents.

This is how the cupcakes turned out.  Not all of them turned out great, most of them didn’t. The reason is that I didn’t put the temp right the first load I had in the oven. So they became a bit like brownies. haha. Well, they taste good and that what’s matter.

Tomorrow is going to be great and that’s because of a few reasons:

  1. Tomorrow is the last day working before I have one week off.
  2. We have a wine lottery tomorrow.
  3. We’re gonna eat weiners for lunch tomorrow.
  4. I can listen to the music I have on Spotify all day while working.

If I’m not gonna be dead tomorrow morning, I better end now and go to bed.

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