waffles: nom, nom, nom.

It’s saturday and we have a long weekend, since monday is our National Day and we’re off that day. Our National Day needs to be celebrated propperly and I started a bit early by making waffles today!

So far this day has been good.

After a lovely  breakfast, I headed out to buy cake and groceries. The cake was for my parents who were coming on a short visit to delivery the dress I’m wearing on monday.

Since the most of the grocerystores are closed tomorrow and everyone is closed on monday, I needed to do some groceryshopping. Ellen is coming over for dinner today and we’re having dinner together on monday as well, I needed a few things. I came home with more than I had planned; which happens a lot.

My parents came, eat cake and left again. It was a short, but sweet visit. Now, Ellen is on her way up. We’re having dinner and then going to the moives. We’re gonna see Fish Tank.

Tell more later!

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