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At the beginning of this year, as you may remember, I was very obsessed with John Mayer. I listened to Battle Studies every day for at least two months. I searched every kiosk downtown Oslo to find the Rolling Stone magazine with the John Mayer interview and watched youtube clips from of him. I followed him on twitter and I even linked to his blog, just to see what he wrote. I didn’t really matter what he wrote, as long as he wrote something.

God, thinking about it now, it feels like I jumped back in time to when I were 14. That’s how 14 year old girls act when it comes to their idols.

Now, I’m not so obsessed anymore. It has faded.

I still have a link to his blog, but it’s for another reason now. It’s not the teenager crush thing that is driving me. It’s something else.

Recently he has posted some of his own pictures, taken by either his iphone, Canon 5d or Leica M9! And I’m surprised, because his photographic skills are really good.  I shouldn’t really be surprised, becauce why couldn’t he be good at photographing as well? I guess I just didn’t expect it.

The man got the looks, he’s funny, he can sing, and he sure can use that gituar. And now he’s good at photographing as well! He has a way with words too; his writing is good and I like lots of his blogposts. The man sure has a lot of talent.

Go look here.

He is not the only one who has talent. Just look at the blogs I support. There are lots of talent behind those blogs.

Today I found a new blog I instantly fell for. It’s called Words to Shot By, and it’s absolutely great. The concept is to make a triptych (three pics) based on a word. That is so up my alley. I would love to do something like that with someone, but I don’t have anyone to ask? Hmm.

When I think about it, I do have a similar project; the flickr set is called numbers and the flickr group I called the diptych: two photos, one number and a list. The group have 26 members, but I’m the only one who has posted anything.

The idea behind the project is to make a diptych. One of the photo should contain a number and the other photo should be linked to the list you’re gonna write. And the list should be as long as the pictured number.

I haven’t contributed to that project in ages. Maybe it’s time to bring it back to life? It’s gonna be hard, because the main reason for me not working on it, was that I didn’t have any ideas. I couldn’t come up with anything worth listing.

I think I’m going to kick my self in the but and make me try harder. I don’t remember myself trying that hard last time. I’m gonna go find my beautiful notebook and start thinking out new ideas.

When I think about it, I might just have an idea already… :)

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