the laptop has arrived

Not long ago dad decided to get rid of his old laptop and asked if I wanted it. He knows I’ve been talking about getting one myself. I said yes, knowing it’s old and slow. I figured, why not start with this one until I can decide what to buy for myself.

When I was home this weekend I picked it up and brought it with me back home. As soon as I came back to my apartment this evening, I turned it on. I needed to do some clean up on it.

I also wanted to import one of my recent stories so I could write on it. I do write stories. Not very often. It’s like a tidal wave; it comes and goes. A while ago, I started writing on a story that is not a fan-fiction, but rather a half fictional story about a friend of mine.

I only read what I already had written and added a few lines. Then I got bored. The TV got me occupied too.

So I closed the story and imported the photosI’ve taken today. I went through all of them and deleted most of the useless photos. Then I launched Photoscape and started to edit some photos. I finished three and I’m not sure if there is any more good shots to process actually. Tomorrow will show.

My idea about this laptop is that I can be able to sit in the livingroom in front of the TV, work with my photos and chat with people at the same time. It’s more fun to be online when I’m in the livingroom instead of sitting in the bedroom like I’m now.

I’m not yet online with the laptop. To be that I need a wireless router. I’m thinking about buying one this week. I’ll ask a colleague about what to buy. I don’t know much about things like this.

So far, I’m just happy to have Photoscape up and running on the machine. I see lots of people online being happy about the CS5 (photoshop) release. I have to say I don’t care that much about it. CS is super exspensive and I will never be able to afford it. I have Photoshop 7.0 now, but I downloaded it – not the leagal way. haha. CS is so big and heavy; it takes much space and memory. It’s a pain in the ass to work with if you got other things running. And CS has so many options; it’s jungle. It takes quite some time to learn.

With Photoscape, everything is easy. I have these film-filters which gives me a cool way to process my pics. And it’s done with a two clicks. Can it get any better? Hardly! I can only think of a few things Photoscape doesn’t have, but if you only think about photoediting, it’s ace!

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