Two for the price of one

For a little while now, I’ve had two things I want to achive. That is:

  1. getting healtier / lose a bit of weight
  2. start a new photoproject

It didn’t take me long to see that I easily could combine these two. As a part getting healtier, walking is a key. I need to walk more. Maybe running would be better, but I HATE running and I wouldn’t be able to combine running and photographing. So I was thinking ‘why not take photos when I’m out walking’? There isn’t really a reason not to.

I’m planning two competitions.


Losing weight. It’s hard to lose weight on your own, so I’m starting a competition with my friend Linda again. This time the deal is to lose the most weight in 3 months. The one who loses, has to give the other 350 NOK to buy clothes for. No date are set yet, but I think we’re gonna start soon. Maybe next week?

My plan is to walk way more than I now and since I need to take a photo each day, I will get a lot of excercise! I’m also going to eat less candy / icecream. We’re heading into summer now and I eat less chocolate during the summer. But I eat a lot more icecream… It’s going to be hard.I think the key is to just not buy anything! If there isn’t any temptations around, I won’t be able to eat it.

I think I will try eat more berries, like strawberries and raspberries. They can replace the icecream / chocolate.


A 3 month photo-project. I will be taking one photo each day. This challange will start tomorrow. It will be a summer 2010 theme since it will go from June to the end of August.

The last days I’ve been hooked on diptyches, which I am now and then. So I was thinking that at least one, maybe two days in one week, I will do a diptych. I just love to tie two photos together.

I’m quite excited about this photo project.

I’ve already thought about making a book out of it, but I’m not sure. I haven’t finished the door book yet… Things need to be more organized this time, if I’m gonna make a book. I would need to work on the book each week. We’ll see.

Wish me good luck on both projects! I know I will need all the luck I can get!

Shopping & shopphing & shopping

Friday was crazy! I had planned a shopping day with my friend Linda. We’re great shopping companions, because we think alike and like the same things.

We met at IKEA at 10.00 and wasn’t home until 19 ish. My main goal for the day was to buy tiles for my balcony. That didn’t turn out as easy as I had thought. We stopped by four different tile-stores trying to find the perfect tile. And I did. But guess what? The first tile I wanted, they only had a few left. And they weren’t making it anymore. So I went to another store and a tile that was almost the same. Guess what? Same thing happened!

I happened to find another tile in the same store and went for that. The lady looked it up. It was sold out for the moment! Oh good lord, why? It would take a week and a half before they got another shipment. So I ordered 6 m2 of tiles and will pick it up some time after the 7th. Luckily I got vacation then, so I have time to do it.  

I’m so looking forward to get the tiles. My balcony will be so much cosier after they tiles are in place. It will be ten times easier to clean the balcony too.

After we’d finished looking for tiles we went to IKEA. We had only met there in the morning; we didn’t actually go inside then. I bought two pillows for my outdoor chairs.

I saw this really cool chair that I wanted. You can fold this chair so it won’t take up so much space if you’re not sitting in it. It was really comfortable to sit in too. I can see myself sit in this chair reading a good book. I am going to buy it, but first I have to registrer to IKEA Family, so I can buy it cheaper. If you’re a member of IKEA Family you get a 100 NOK discount on the chair! Brilliant, huh? Yes, I think so :) I did just registrer, so now I can go buy it. I’ll do it in a week or so when I got vacation again.

Linda and I, we also went to a mall to look for clothes & shoes. I bought:

  • black ballerina-shoes
  • dark brown high heels
  • flowery skirt on supersale (only 50 NOK!)
  • black leggings
  • pink nailpolish

When we came home, we were exhausted! Our feet were hurting! It was bad! But we got a little work-out and that’s good. Because we both need it. Well, that… that is a topic for a new blog entry!


I’m attending a wedding in August. It’s one of my cousins who are getting married. So I needed a card. Two actually, since my parents are going too and they would like a card as well. Maybe I’ll make three and give one to my sister as well?

Yesterday I went Bikuben, a scrapping store, to buy some new paper and other stuff; mostly wedding things. I was there for almost an hour!

Last week when I was looking at rubber stamps with a wedding theme, I came across a blog and a beautiful wedding card. I bought the rubber stamp she had used on her card. This is the card she had made.

I decided to make one myself, but not the exact same card. I wanted to take the idea and make my own version of it. Just copy it woun’t be fair to her or fun for me. Well… to be honest; I wouldn’t be able to make the exact card either. Her coloring skills are amazing and I wouldn’t be able to do it her way.

Anyway, this is what I ended up with.

I’m getting better in using acceories; the flowers, pearls, butterflies, hearts etc. My cards used to be quite simple and without all that. I’m now trying to use more of it. It’s not easy, but I’m slowly getting there. Looking on blos for inspiration helps.

Now I’m gonna sit down and try to figure out how my next card is going to look like. I think I’ll use the same rubber stamp. Don’t have much options since I’m a little low on wedding stamps.

Look online for new ones? Yes, I think so!

Flowers on the balcony

I’ve been to the garden center twice in a week. First one back home where parents live on sunday and yesterday I went to a bigger one closer to Oslo.

I needed to buy some flowers for my balcony. I have a few fave typses of flowers; pansies are one and clove pink is another. So I knew I had to have some of them. I also bought some flowers I think are named Edging Lobelia and Marguerite Daisy in English. I’m not so good with flower names; especially not the english names.

I can’t wait for them to fully blossom. It will be a pretty sight!

A while ago I went to IKEA with Linda. And then I bought a table cloth for my outdoor table. I saw this fabric which was red with big white polka dots and I instantly knew I had to buy it.

Isn’t it pretty and fun? I think so.

And to keep the table cloth in place when it gets windy, I have cute, little steel fishes attached to the ends of the cloth.

Tomorrow me and Linda going to look for tiles for our balconies. We’re both tiling up our balconies. So why not go look together? It will be a lot of fun.

I would really love dark, almost black tiles, but it won’t work. I’m on the top floor and there is no roof on my balcony. The sun will warm up the tiles quite well, so it will be impossible to walk on them when the sun is there.

I guess I’ll land one something red- or brownish to match the brick wall. We’ll see…

the art of security

The two last days I’ve spent at Lierfoss where my parents live. On sunday I was walking around our property with my camera taking a few photos. As I walked around our barn I saw this door with a lock. I thought the lock itself and the colors were beautiful and photographed it.

Suddenly a flickr group came to mind. It’s called the art of security. And then I thought; why not create a whole serie of locks. I know there were several locks around our propperty that would be great to photograph.

I have been keen on starting a new project; either big or small. So this was a good idea.

Most of these locks are not secure at all. But bare in mind that some of these locks are around 70 years old.

the big pink

When I say the big pink, I think of a few things:

  • the group the big pink and it’s song Dominos. It’s awesome and you can watch it here.Their first album, where this song is from, I’ve recently downloaded. From the little I’ve heard of it, it’s good. It needs a few more listenings before I can make up my mind about it. But anyway, Dominos rocks!
  • this wedding card I’ve made. It’s for my cousin who is getting married tomorrow. I’m not invited, but that’s ok. I got to make a pink wedding card, so I’m happy.

  • the pink part of a wall I photographed today. It’s a big grafitti of some sort and it has two shades of pink. I photographed both shades, because I could see a diptych in my head when I passed the wall. Yep, that’s how my mind works! I just see things in my head that I think will turn out cool. Most times it does, thankfully.

  • I ‘upgraded’ the wall diptych abit. I was looking through my photos and found this lovely, lovely shot of Chantie and Cisca. The color on their clothes matched. And when you got Photoscape, you can do cool things like this.

the dandelions

I had my last day at the office before my one week off. Now I’m free to do whatever I want for nine days. It’s awesome! It’s been hectic in the office today for me, so it was good have some cupcakes to eat. Gøril was happy about them and said they were good! Even Sigrund got one and she was happy too.

When I left the office took a tiny detour to get home; I wanted to take some photos out in the sun. My feet hurt a bit and it was so hot outside (had too much clothes on),  so I didn’t get to go for a long walk.

I ended up taking quite a few photos of dandelions. Lots of people look at that flower as weed, but I kind of like it. It speaks spring/summer, sun and walking barefoot in the grass. That is when it’s still yellow and alive.

The dandelion doesn’t speak those thing that much when it’s dieing, but it doesn’t mean it’s not still beautiful. It is. So this post is all about the dandelions. Oh.. and a few other sunny summer shots.

Look at that little furry head.  Isn’t it cute? I think so!

Here we got more furry heads.

This one is called the bald and the beautiful; a funny twist on the soap opera the Bold and the Beautiful.

The reminds me of an afro. Some times I wish had an awesome afro instead of the hair I got now.

This shot worked best as a classic monochrome shot.

And as a ending, two sunny summer shot loaded with bokeh.

Cupcakes (again)

I’ve made cupcakes – again. Do I ever bake anything else? Not much. Cupcakes are easy to make and super yummy. The reason for me baking today was a promise I made to my colleageu Gøril. She’s been swamped in work for quite some time and her job-list has been long!

Some time ago I promised her to bring cake when she had 10 jobs or less listed in the internal system. Today she reached that goal. She didn’t tell me before we were heading out. She hadn’t really planned to tell me at all, because she didn’t want to put any preasure on me since it was the last day before my week off.

I told myself on the way home that I would make something if I had the right ingredients at home. And I did. I almost all the time have baking powder, cocoa powder, sugar, butter, eggs and flour avaliable in the kitchen. You never know when the urge to bake something comes…

Since I had these lovely green cupcake molds (or what propper name is…), I had to make cupcakes. I wanted to use them. They are so pretty!

I got four of those brown glasses. They means a lot to me, because they belonged to my grandparents. When my grandmother died a few years ago, these glasses was one of the few things I would love to inherit. I remember helping out cleaning the whole house. We could all tell what we wanted and then later we would decide who got what. I told eveyone I really would like the four glasses. One of my uncles looked at them and said ‘those ugly glasses, do you want them? ‘Yeah’ I replied. ‘Just take them’, he then said and laughed.

To me those glasses are very retro and they have a sentimental value. I can just close my eyes and just picture all the meals I’ve eaten and drinks I’ve drinken with my grandparents.

This is how the cupcakes turned out.  Not all of them turned out great, most of them didn’t. The reason is that I didn’t put the temp right the first load I had in the oven. So they became a bit like brownies. haha. Well, they taste good and that what’s matter.

Tomorrow is going to be great and that’s because of a few reasons:

  1. Tomorrow is the last day working before I have one week off.
  2. We have a wine lottery tomorrow.
  3. We’re gonna eat weiners for lunch tomorrow.
  4. I can listen to the music I have on Spotify all day while working.

If I’m not gonna be dead tomorrow morning, I better end now and go to bed.

waffles: nom, nom, nom.

It’s saturday and we have a long weekend, since monday is our National Day and we’re off that day. Our National Day needs to be celebrated propperly and I started a bit early by making waffles today!

So far this day has been good.

After a lovely  breakfast, I headed out to buy cake and groceries. The cake was for my parents who were coming on a short visit to delivery the dress I’m wearing on monday.

Since the most of the grocerystores are closed tomorrow and everyone is closed on monday, I needed to do some groceryshopping. Ellen is coming over for dinner today and we’re having dinner together on monday as well, I needed a few things. I came home with more than I had planned; which happens a lot.

My parents came, eat cake and left again. It was a short, but sweet visit. Now, Ellen is on her way up. We’re having dinner and then going to the moives. We’re gonna see Fish Tank.

Tell more later!

Blogs, inspiration and projects

At the beginning of this year, as you may remember, I was very obsessed with John Mayer. I listened to Battle Studies every day for at least two months. I searched every kiosk downtown Oslo to find the Rolling Stone magazine with the John Mayer interview and watched youtube clips from of him. I followed him on twitter and I even linked to his blog, just to see what he wrote. I didn’t really matter what he wrote, as long as he wrote something.

God, thinking about it now, it feels like I jumped back in time to when I were 14. That’s how 14 year old girls act when it comes to their idols.

Now, I’m not so obsessed anymore. It has faded.

I still have a link to his blog, but it’s for another reason now. It’s not the teenager crush thing that is driving me. It’s something else.

Recently he has posted some of his own pictures, taken by either his iphone, Canon 5d or Leica M9! And I’m surprised, because his photographic skills are really good.  I shouldn’t really be surprised, becauce why couldn’t he be good at photographing as well? I guess I just didn’t expect it.

The man got the looks, he’s funny, he can sing, and he sure can use that gituar. And now he’s good at photographing as well! He has a way with words too; his writing is good and I like lots of his blogposts. The man sure has a lot of talent.

Go look here.

He is not the only one who has talent. Just look at the blogs I support. There are lots of talent behind those blogs.

Today I found a new blog I instantly fell for. It’s called Words to Shot By, and it’s absolutely great. The concept is to make a triptych (three pics) based on a word. That is so up my alley. I would love to do something like that with someone, but I don’t have anyone to ask? Hmm.

When I think about it, I do have a similar project; the flickr set is called numbers and the flickr group I called the diptych: two photos, one number and a list. The group have 26 members, but I’m the only one who has posted anything.

The idea behind the project is to make a diptych. One of the photo should contain a number and the other photo should be linked to the list you’re gonna write. And the list should be as long as the pictured number.

I haven’t contributed to that project in ages. Maybe it’s time to bring it back to life? It’s gonna be hard, because the main reason for me not working on it, was that I didn’t have any ideas. I couldn’t come up with anything worth listing.

I think I’m going to kick my self in the but and make me try harder. I don’t remember myself trying that hard last time. I’m gonna go find my beautiful notebook and start thinking out new ideas.

When I think about it, I might just have an idea already… :)

No more posts.