Cocoa – on the go go

I was in doubt today if I should go on a photowalk after work. I had planned it yesteday, but wasn’t feeling so great this morning. So I left the camera at home. When I left work, I was feeling good again and the sun was shining; I had to go on a little walk. So I rushed home; just stopped at the grocerystore to buy dinner. As soon as I got home I quickly made me something to eat while I watched Miami Ink; an awesome tattoo show. I got sucked into the show (again) and watched all of it.

Then I went out. I hadn’t plan to stay out for a long time, but I ended up being away for one and a half hour! The sun was shining and the weather was warm. It was close to perfect.

I went so far that I had to take the tram back home. Good thing I was smart enough to bring my tram-ticket.

It started a bit slow. I didn’t find anything interesting to shoot. But after a little while different subjects popped up.

The best thing about this trip was that I found this absolutely amazing little cafe called Cocoa – on the go go. It was closed, but that was ok. I was only there to take pictures of it. So I stood on the sidewalk peeking in with my carmera.

Yummy stuff; place it by the window so everyone who walks by will get tempted to go inside.

That fridge is awesome. Retro-looking. Reminds me of those beautiful SMEG fridges you can get in various colors.

Love that cupcake painting. Fits so well on the brick wall.

Lots of yummy bokeh and reflection.


It was a corner-cafe. When I walked around the corner, I saw this sign which is quite beautiful. Very old-looking.

I was bummed to read on the door that they were closed until new owners might take over the cafe. Because I would have loved to go inside and have a little something to eat & drink. I’m no fan of coffee or cocoa drinks, but they had sweetbread and cakes. I would be saved.

I know I’ve mentioned Ky (flickr-buddy) before. She take awesome bike-shots. What she also does, is to take awesome shots through windows. Go watch her set here.

I took a bunch of other photos today as well. But I’m gonna save them for another post. My bed is calling me. And I need to upload a photo to flickr.

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