Scrapbooking fair + cards

So I went to a scrapbooking fair last saturday. I love those kind of fairs. You have everything at one place. The fair was not as big as the last one I went to, but that was expected. There is two fairs a year; one small and one big. The big one will be in September I think. I’m already looking forward to it!

We, Sigrund, her neighbour and me, we came to the fair before it opened. The plan was to come just when it opened, but to didn’t take as long to get there as expected so we were ten minutes early.

It was nice to be there when they opened, because then it wasn’t so crowded and you could walk around without bumping into each other.

I hadn’t really set any limits to how much money I could spend. Probably I should have? I bought quite a lot. But when I think about it, lots of the things were on sale. I got good deals on almost everything I bought.

This is the paper I came home with. I like strong colors in the paper. It fits the kind of cards I make.

I also bought a lot of these colored letters. I had a hard time choosing what color to pick, so I ended up with lots of different ones. That is so typical me. If i can’t chose I end up with everything. These letters with glue on the backside is so handy. Easy to use and fast!

I also got five rubber stamps on sale for 125 NOK, some pens in pastel colors, ink in different colors and some others stuff too. I’m very happy with what I got!

Saturday evening and on sunday I put almost everything I bought into use. I managed to make four cards; three on sunday for Chantal and one for myself on sunday. I’m happy with that!

This is what I came up with.

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