Cocoa – on the go go

I was in doubt today if I should go on a photowalk after work. I had planned it yesteday, but wasn’t feeling so great this morning. So I left the camera at home. When I left work, I was feeling good again and the sun was shining; I had to go on a little walk. So I rushed home; just stopped at the grocerystore to buy dinner. As soon as I got home I quickly made me something to eat while I watched Miami Ink; an awesome tattoo show. I got sucked into the show (again) and watched all of it.

Then I went out. I hadn’t plan to stay out for a long time, but I ended up being away for one and a half hour! The sun was shining and the weather was warm. It was close to perfect.

I went so far that I had to take the tram back home. Good thing I was smart enough to bring my tram-ticket.

It started a bit slow. I didn’t find anything interesting to shoot. But after a little while different subjects popped up.

The best thing about this trip was that I found this absolutely amazing little cafe called Cocoa – on the go go. It was closed, but that was ok. I was only there to take pictures of it. So I stood on the sidewalk peeking in with my carmera.

Yummy stuff; place it by the window so everyone who walks by will get tempted to go inside.

That fridge is awesome. Retro-looking. Reminds me of those beautiful SMEG fridges you can get in various colors.

Love that cupcake painting. Fits so well on the brick wall.

Lots of yummy bokeh and reflection.


It was a corner-cafe. When I walked around the corner, I saw this sign which is quite beautiful. Very old-looking.

I was bummed to read on the door that they were closed until new owners might take over the cafe. Because I would have loved to go inside and have a little something to eat & drink. I’m no fan of coffee or cocoa drinks, but they had sweetbread and cakes. I would be saved.

I know I’ve mentioned Ky (flickr-buddy) before. She take awesome bike-shots. What she also does, is to take awesome shots through windows. Go watch her set here.

I took a bunch of other photos today as well. But I’m gonna save them for another post. My bed is calling me. And I need to upload a photo to flickr.

Photos from a sunday

Hello there! It’s the ending of the last sunday in April and I’m sitting in front of the computer in my new black and floral tunic and listening to Tunnel of Love (Springsteen). When you don’t know what kind of music to listen to, you can always put on Tunnel of Love and everything will be ok. Now I was sure, it was Tunnel I wanted to listen to.

I often start a blog with a picture of myself. Do I love myself that much? It’s not that, I just feel like posting a selfie now and then where my camera is present. Because you know, the camera is an extention of myself.

The plan today was to go on a phototrip with my friend Ellen. She suggested it earlier this week and I said of course yes. We were to play when / where to go today. Unfortunately the phototrip didn’t happen, because Ellen was not in the mood for it. She was too tired. So in stead I just visited her; talked, watched TV (the Ellen Show and American Idol) and ate dinner together.

Even though the phototrip didn’t happen, I didn’t leave my camera behind when I went to see Ellen. I thought I still could take pictures on my way to her and on my way home again. And that’s what I did.

It was great to see that it still was light outside when I left her apartment at 19.30.

A line from a Leonard Cohen song comes to mind when I see this shot. I’m not sure if it’s because I bought tickets to see Leonard Cohen in Oslo in August that does it… Anyway, the line goes like this: there’s a crack in everything, that’s how the light gets in. That line is so beautiful and… yeah.. beautiful.

Lots of grain. The ISO was way too high here. But the light on the leafs and the light in general  is nice.

A road up the Kampen Park.

Sweet shadow. I can’t pass such a great shadow and not photograph it. I need to find more shadows like this one. I love how things cast shadows. To cast a shadow.  Now that makes me think of another song. Cast no Shadow by Oasis. Great song!

Before my mind goes through the entire music jungle, I think it’s time to go to bed. Oh wait, just one more musical reference.

Jungle makes me think of Jungleland by Springsteen. That song is pure awesomeness. Go listen to it here!

Scrapbooking fair + cards

So I went to a scrapbooking fair last saturday. I love those kind of fairs. You have everything at one place. The fair was not as big as the last one I went to, but that was expected. There is two fairs a year; one small and one big. The big one will be in September I think. I’m already looking forward to it!

We, Sigrund, her neighbour and me, we came to the fair before it opened. The plan was to come just when it opened, but to didn’t take as long to get there as expected so we were ten minutes early.

It was nice to be there when they opened, because then it wasn’t so crowded and you could walk around without bumping into each other.

I hadn’t really set any limits to how much money I could spend. Probably I should have? I bought quite a lot. But when I think about it, lots of the things were on sale. I got good deals on almost everything I bought.

This is the paper I came home with. I like strong colors in the paper. It fits the kind of cards I make.

I also bought a lot of these colored letters. I had a hard time choosing what color to pick, so I ended up with lots of different ones. That is so typical me. If i can’t chose I end up with everything. These letters with glue on the backside is so handy. Easy to use and fast!

I also got five rubber stamps on sale for 125 NOK, some pens in pastel colors, ink in different colors and some others stuff too. I’m very happy with what I got!

Saturday evening and on sunday I put almost everything I bought into use. I managed to make four cards; three on sunday for Chantal and one for myself on sunday. I’m happy with that!

This is what I came up with.

the baking lady

It’s sunday and sundays are perfect for baking. I have wanted to bake something since friday, but I didn’t buy anything special when I went to the grocerystore on friday. My cupboard and fridge is usually filled up with baking-ingredients.

I went through my selfmade cookbook and ended up with chocolate cupcakes. I had also marble cake, waffles, and some other cakes in mind.

Before I started I had to put on my new Dutch apron. When me and Chantie visited her mum during my stay in Alkmaar, she had bought me a few present. The Dutch apron was one of them. It is so cute! The pocket in the front is a nice touch.

The recipie of the cupcakes, you can find here; it’s an old blog-post. I’m eating cupcakes now while writing here. Nom, nom, nom.

I think I need to bake some more soon. I have a box with cream I need to use before it goes bad. Since my friend Bjørg is coming for a visit next saturday I think we need to make waffles. It has to be as dessert. For dinner we are going to my fave restaurant Mr. Hong to eat Mongolian buffet. I get all giddy just by thinking about it!

Now it’s time for me to go watch Mythbusters and make a birthday card for Bjørg.

I have a few other birthdaycards to show and tell you all about the scrapping fair I went to yesterday. But that will have to wait until another day (hopefully tomorrow).

A monday photowalk

I brought my camera with me today, hopefull that I would be able to take some photos after work was over. As the hours past, I didn’t feel that well. My throat has been sore since saturday evening and my head was kind of heavy. I left work hungry and feeling a bit blah.

I decided to walk to the bus station. I needed fresh air and some excersise is never bad! My plan was to go straight home; make dinner and stretch out on the couch.

But on my 5 min walk to the bus station, I saw some coltsfoot and I just had to stop. It’s the first coltsfood I’ve seen this season. What else could I do than take some pictures of them?

After I’d done that, my inspiration just came crawling up to the surface and there was no way I could go straight home. So I took a little detour on my way to the bus stop and snapped away with my 50 mm lense. It was so much fun, even though I was feeling tired.

Tonight I’ve been processing the best photos and here are the outcome:

Yay. Spring is here :)

Recreation in the city.

Curves! I love this curvy street!

Fence + bokeh + light + shadow = <3

Lady in the window.

Ah. How I love take small phototrips like this after I leave the office. It’s such a great way to relax and take your mind off work and search for beauty with your eyes.

I hope the sunny and good weather will stay like this all week. If so, then I’ll have more photowalks. In between all the other stuff I’m doing this week that is.

Tomorrow I’m going to IKEA with Linda. She needs help with coming up with good storrage solutions in her bedroom. Her boyfriend is moving in and he needs his space in the bedroom. I’m gonna help out. It’s been a while since we saw each other, so I’m looking forward to meet up with her.

Thursday I’m having Ellen over for dinner. Haven’t seen her in a while either, so it will be fun to see her again too. Not sure what to cook, but hopefully I’ll come up with something interesting by thursday.

On saturday I’m going to a scrapbook-fair with my colleague Sigrund and a friend of her. We will spend quite some time there I’m afraid ;) I really don’t need anything new, but I have to go anyway… They might have some cool offers; maybe something on sale? Who knows. I know I could use some inspiration, so it will be good to go. I’m really looking forward to it.

Mum as asked me to make her a birthday card for my uncles birthday. It’s in less than two weeks. Maybe I’ll get some inspiration this weekend? On saturday I made a card for mum. I knew she needed a card for her sistes birthday so before she came for a little coffee-visit, I made her a card. I had a card which was half done and just finished it. It took me like ten minutes.

When I come to think of it, it’s not long until my friend Bjørg has her birthday. I’ll be seeing her in two weeks or so, so I’ll better have her card ready by then.

My sore throat and heavy head tells me it’s past bedtime. I think I hear my bed calling too!

See you around.

Vacation in pictures – cat edition

There is no surprise that I love cats. Chantie happens to love cats too and she owns two cute cats; Kees and Tinus. I photographed them both.

I only got one picture of Kees. The reason for that is that she is unable to sit still for more than 4 seconds. She is usally walking around talking ( or whining as we said). In this picture she looks kinda bored. She has this ‘come-on-take-this-picture-already-look’.

Tinus on the other hand; he likes to lay in the sun and relax. Therefor an easy cat to take photos of.

Sleeping in the sun. Mmmmmm.

He looks angry here, but he’s really not. He’s just in the middle of a yawn.

Standing on the windowsill catching some sun.

This cat is living at the same floor as Chantie. He (I’m not sure, but I like to think it’s a he) was sitting in the windowsill watching us as we came walking. I could not resist taking photos of her. She has a beautiful face.

Posting all these cat pictures, makes me want a cat myself. I only have one at my parents house. It’s really their cat, but I like to think it’s sort of mine too.

But living like the way I do, then it’s not practical to have a cat. I live in an 50 m2 apartment at the 5th floor. It would have to have been an indoor cat. And I’m not fan of that. I want the cats to have the abillity to go out. There is cats living here that are outside in the street, but I wouldn’t feel comfortable with letting it out. I would worry my ass off.

So… I will have to wait until I live some place where it’s more suitable with cats. In the meantime, I’ll just enjoy Samson when I’m home visiting my parents or friends.

Vacation in pictures

I’m back from Alkmaar (Holland). I have to say, I didn’t take as many pictures as I thought I would / hoped for. Why? My camera and I, we weren’t connected. Another reason is that we spent a lot of time on the couch watching movies, standup comedy and funny things on youtube. No time to take pictures then.

Anyway, here is a some of the shots I took.

An awesome bike!

A tree in the park near Cisca’s apartment.

Another tree. In the same park.

This made me think of a face. I saw this on the way to Chantie’s old supermarket.

Yum! Chantie ate this at some cafe in Alkmaar. I ate strawberries. Nom, nom, nom.

Taken from the airplain (a small Cityhopper)

I do have more pictures, but I’ll save them for another post. I have pics of Chantie and Cisca and quite some cat shots. You’ll get them tomorrow or some other day.

Stay tuned.

No more posts.