Hello there old friend!

It feels like forever since I was out with my camera. When looking back it’s only one and a half months ago. It feels way longer. I don’t have any good explanation for why it has been so long. I guess I’ve just been busy with other things.

I haven’t really been missing it. It’s not like I’ve been thinking about how great it would be to go out and shoot beautiful things. I guess keeping myself away from chocolate has occupied my mind.

Yesterday after I got home from a trip downtown, the sun came. And for the first time in said 1.5 months I thought about going out shooting. I had been taking a few shots in my apartment in the morning, so I was sort of in the flow. So I went out. I saw that my battery was soon empty, but I didn’t want to wait for it to recharge. Who knew when the sun would disappear behind some giant cloud. It could happen any minute.

I got 30 minutes with my camera before it died. I would’ve loved to say out longer, but at the same time, I was happy because I knew I had gotten at least a few good shots. I had some moments where after I’d taken a shot, I was thiking ‘there, I nailed it’. That is a sweet feeling.

So here is a little collection of yesterdays shot.

Even dead things can look beautiful!

Y stand for yay? yesterday? yeah? yes? yabba dabba do? Make your own pick.

No parking. I love the font and the color.

I love bokeh and light! <3

Simplicity. The remains of the snow is making its way into my shot.

A pomegranate sliced in half. For the purpose of this picture.

The photowalk left we a little unsatisfied with a few shot (which is not posted). So the plan is to go out later and to reshoot a few things. All depends on two things; will the truck with the gigantic side-mirror and the scooter with the round mirror still be there? Lets hope so! Acutally, it depends on one more thing; do I have time. I’m still not propperly dressed and I’m going to a football match later. Between now and 16.30 I have to get dressed, eat dinner, finish this blog, chat with Chantie and hopefully get a few shots done.

I better get going!

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