It’s thursday and very late. Too late for me to be blogging, but do I care? Nope! It’s one of these thursdays; I-don’t-give-shit-about-the-clock-thursday. I got Robyn’s new song Fembot on loop. It’s just awesome!

I’m counting the days until I’m going to Alkmaar. 5 days left now! It’s not long ago it was a month away. Time flies.

The last days we (Chantie and I) have made plans for the 6 days I’m in Alkmaar. It seems like we’re going to be quite busy and that’s good.

My flight lands 21.25. Chanties stepdad is going to pick me up. He rocks! I’m pretty sure we’ll stay up a while chatting when we come home.

On thursday Cisca is coming. She’s a friend of Chantie and has become my friend too. Lucky me! We’re gonna stay in Alkmaar for a little while, before we go to her place and stay the night. Early friday morning we’re all driving to Amsterdam. Chantie has a 9 o’clock job interview.  I guess Cisca and I will hang around outside the office while she’s in there. What we do when Chantie’s done, I’m not sure of. Eventually we will go back to Cisca and stay one more night. I guess the evening will envolve great food, chocolate and Oprah on DVD.

On saturday we’re going back to Alkmaar. Not sure if Cisca is joining us. I have told Chantie I want to go out get some drinks and dance saturday night. So I’m pretty sure we’ll do that!

Sunday we’re going to Chanties mum for dinner! Let’s hope it will work out this time. I think the two last times we’ve planned dinner with her mum, we’ve ended up not doing it. I’m gonna borrow her bike, which is pretty cool. Then we can cruise around town on monday!

On tuesday we’re just going to slut around as we call it. Stay in pj’s for as long as possible; play rummycub, eat chocolate & tosties, watch a movie perhaps, listen to music, chat,  cuddle with the cats etc.  And of course, we’re gonna keep the tradition alive and eat at Burger King at the airport!

In between all these plans, I/we’re gonna also:

  • we’re gonna eat springrolls!
  • I’m gonna take lots of pictures of bikes and other cool stuff
  • I’m gonna help out with Chanti’s e-baying.
  • we’re gonna have lunch at Henry’s. They got the best omelette I’ve ever tasted.
  • we’re gonna, if I get Chantie along, try out Chat Roulette just for fun!

Even if it’s I-don’t-give-shit-about-the-clock-thursday, I can’t ignore my sleepy eyes or  swallow my yawns. So off to bed I am.

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