Result of the competition

As I wrote last month I started a competition with a friend; who would eat the least amout of chocolate/candy/sweetbread etc in one month!

One month (28 days to be exact) is now over and I’ve eaten exactly this:

  • one piece of apple cake
  • one chocolate cupcake
  • one piece of sweetbread
  • one piece of chocolate cake
  • two and a half buns with raisins inside
  • no chocolate what so ever!
  • no chips
  • no icecream

Clever, huh?

The best part is that I haven’t eaten chocolate in 28 days! To be honest, that is quite an achivement for me. I used to eat chocolate every day!

It’s not been easy, not at all. I’ve had dasy where the urge to eat chocolate has been bad. But surprisingly, I has gone better than expected. I thought it would be harder. I thought I would think about chocolate way more often than I actually have.

Linda, who I competed against, didn’t do as well as I did. So I won! I get served a three course meal. YAY! I can’t wait to find out what I’m getting. No date for this dinner has been set yet. It will be some time after Easter I think. Easter so close, so we don’t have time for it before.

It’s good to know it’s actually doable; I can live without chocolate for a month. I won’t die if I don’t get my daily dose.

Even though the competition is over, I’m thinking of keep on for another week. At least until saturday. When I have come this far, why not keep on with it for a little longer? But then again, why not eat?

Since I left work, I’ve had a huge desire to eat chocolate. A bigger desire than I’ve had in a while. I know it’s because the competition officially is over and I can eat. I’ve acutally thought about digging out the chocolate that I hid before the competition started. So far I managed to stay away!

My plans for the future, is to not stay completely away from chocolate, but to eat less than I did before. Not eat every day. If I can eat twice a week, it will be ok. But I’m afraid that will be hard. Because I have a tendency to not stop when I first start. I’m that addictive.

Now I know how to stay away, I need to learn how to be moderate. That will be a challange. But I’m ready. So bring it on!

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