I <3 Dr. Martens

A little while ago I saw someone downtown Oslo wearing a pair of Dr. Martens boots and thinking they looked cool on her. Yesterday I found out I was going to dig out my old blue Dr. Martens boots from the basement. And when I say old, I mean OLD. I think I bought them back in ’97.

I had a both black and blue Dr. Martens boots. The blue ones where the one I bought last and wore least. After a while they got outdated and I moved on to other shoes. But being a Dr. Martens lover, I could not toss them away. They were in perfect condition, if you overlook some scratches.

Today I wore them to work. They were so cool to wear again, even though they look a bit big on on my feet.

It’s not a shoe you can wear to whatever you feel like. I think I’m only gonna wear mine to leggings and long shirts / tunikas or dresses. It will look weird if I wear them with jeans I think. I won’t have the spesific ‘look’ I had in mind when I dug them out from the past.

Jeeze Louise, I sound like a fashion blogger. Haha. That was not my intention.

In the middle of the day, I came to think of REM and their album Monster again. The boots made me think of it. You know, that album was made in ’94 where the Dr. Martens boots were seen on everybody! Lots of grunge-people wore those boots. And REM is a bit grunge-ish. So, there is my link between the boots and the CD!

I found some songs from that album on youtube and created a playlist I listened to for a while, while working. Sweet songs! Bang and Blame is one of REM’s best songs ever, if not the best! It’s top 3 at least.

On my way home from work, I pulled out my mp3-player. I didn’t have Monster on it, but I had another REM album called Accelerate. I put on that and listened to it while heading downtown for some shoe-polish for my boots.

I’ve been thinking lately that I would love some new girly shoes / boots. I haven’t had a chance to go look for any, until today. In the first shoe store I enter, what do I see? Some grey chucks (Converse). I’ve seen them before and they are so, so awesome. Of course I had to try them on. They didn’t fit, was a size too big. I left the store and the hunt was on. My idea about girly shoes vanished like snow melts on a hot day. In the 4th store I found them in my size. I left the store as a happy camper, with a pair of grey chucks and some shoe-polish.

When I came home I put on Monster on the stereo. I haven’t play anything else than John Mayer for the last two monts. It was refreshing to play something else now. I think the John Mayer bug is slowly leaving me. I’m pretty sure that by the end of Easter it will be completely gone. I’m seeing Chantie in a week and she’s not a Mayer fan, so we won’t listen to him while I’m visiting her. I’m not gonna bug her with my obsession.

I have to fill up my mp3 player with the Monster album now. Yeah!

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